Think you've had a wild party? Grandmother's house is completely trashed after week-long hospital stay

A grandmother in the US had an awful welcoming when she came home after a week-long hospital stay

Ever had to clear up after a huge party? Or had that sinking feeling when workmen have made a right mess of the house? Spare a thought for this grandmother who came home after a week-long hospital stay to find her house completely trashed.

The poor woman, who lived in a small town in America, was faced with a terrible scene - ripped curtains, broken furniture and smashed mirrors were strewn all around her home.

The damage, thought to have been caused my neighbourhood kids, also included a bizarre display of brooms and brushes hanging from the wall in the living room.

While Redditor DCWS6's grandmother was in hospital, her house was left unattended and, during the course of the week, a few local teenagers managed to break in and cause the damage.

The Redditor said that previously his grandmother had been a recluse and "hadn't left the house for many years". Well, judging by the damage allegedly caused by kids in her local neighboorhood, we can see why she was reluctant to venture outside.

No arrests have been made, but the lady is now living in a different home close to her grandchildren.