Turn your home into a haven with Sainsbury's

Create a sense of calm and relaxation with the stunning, new Harmony homeware range from Sainsbury's

books and ceramic flower vase on round table

(Image credit: TBC)

Would you like summer's carefree vibe to last forever? This year, beat the winter blues by turning your home into a restful, inviting retreat away from the bustle of everyday life.

Infusing your space with a soothing atmosphere is a cinch with the Harmony collection from Sainsbury's. The company's 12 in-house designers regularly tour the world to find inspiration and their new range is so elegant and calming that you'll never want to leave your home.

Start your makeover by choosing a comforting colour palette, such as a combination of dove grey, pale cream and shimmering silver. You don't even need to repaint your walls to carry off the look.

Simply dress up your sofa and armchairs with faux-fur throws and subtly patterned cushions in grey and cream.

Heighten the sense of peace by bringing the outdoors in. Plants and flowers - faux or real, fresh or dry - instantly make your home look tranquil and welcoming. You can create a pretty display by mixing and matching grey ceramic vases on a side cabinet. The Harmony range by Sainsbury's also includes a lovely glass cloche with snowdrops for a touch of greenery.

Keep the nature theme going with artwork and natural materials. Hang tree prints on your walls and light up your home in style with a combination of rattan and rustic metal lanterns. Pair these with a stunning wooden-wrapped strand pendant for a contemporary feel.

No retreat would be complete without candles so scatter them generously throughout your home. Combine jar candles - Sainsbury's has a lovely trio in muted shades of pink - with taller pillar candles on slender nickel holders for a chic metallic accent.