Lakeland's popular Dry:Soon heated airer just got a game-changing upgrade - a first-look at the new model

We take a first look at Lakeland's new Dry:Soon Tri:Mode – and it's perfect for families

Lakeland Dry:Soon TriMode on pink graphic background
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While over the summer those of us with gardens can enjoy hanging laundry outside to dry, throughout the rest of the year it can be a challenge to dry clothes quickly without turning to costly tumble dryers. And for this year, the new Dry:Soon Tri:Mode is set to be the star of the show.

We're obsessed with finding the best heated airers. These energy efficient devices are our go-to for ensuring your laundry gets dried in a jiffy, while having the added bonus of injecting a bit of warm to rooms in the colder seasons. The most lauded heated airer is the iconic Dry:Soon from Lakeland, and the brand has recently launched the newest iteration of the dryer – the Dry:Soon Tri:Mode – and it's a game changer.

We snagged a first look at this brand-new release to see how it measures up against the models we already know and love.

Dry:Soon Tri:Mode first look

It's no secret that we love a Dry:Soon, so how different can this new variation really be? Well, quite a lot, as it turns out.

This is the most versatile heated airer we've come across, with three different modes you can switch between depending what and how much you have to dry. Plus, it's got the largest capacity of the Dry:Soon range, as it's able to hold 30kg of washing across 22.5m of drying space.

For comparison, the popular Deluxe 3 Tiered version has a maximum weight of 15kg of washing. Lakeland have discovered many households, especially those with families, have been buying two of these versions in order to accommodate their laundry, so this new model would replace that need.

It also comes with a cover, laundry baskets, digital display and remote options as well as a timer function. Phew.

Key features explained

Lakeland Dry:Soon Tri:Mode in kitchen while in standard mode with cover

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Aside from the amount of drying space and weight this model can take, the most exciting feature of the Dry:Soon Tri:Mode is in the name – the three modes it can be used in. Here's what they are:

  • Standard Mode: Similar to the Deluxe 3-Tier version, this creates a tower-shaped dryer
  • Compact Mode: This is when you can fold down the shelves on one side, meaning it takes up half the amount of space as the Standard Mode. The folded shelves still heat up, so you can drape items over these, too.
  • Wall Mode: Moving the two halves side by side, you can use the full width of the dryer and half the depth, ideal for pushing up against a wall and for drying bedsheets.

Lakeland Dry:Soon TriMode in living room while in Wall Mode with cover on

(Image credit: Lakeland)

The Tri:Mode includes a sleek grey cover, divided into two separate pieces so you can zip it together or apart to fit whichever mode you're in. Plus, there are two laundry baskets designed to sit underneath the airer, providing a handy spot to fold dried laundry into before being put away.

In terms of technical features, the new model also has a timer that can run for up to 8 hours, and temperature controls from 30º to 60ºC.

Lakeland Dry:Soon Tri:Mode in kitchen in compact mode with laundry baskets in use

(Image credit: Lakeland)

First impressions

While we will, of course, be giving this new Dry:Soon a full review, our initial thoughts are that we're very impressed, but it may not be the right buy for everyone.

It's the most expensive of the range, retailing at £349.99, compared to the previously most expensive Deluxe at £219.99, however it is considerably more versatile and can hold double the laundry weight.

If you don't have a family to cater to, or you live in a small home, you might be better off choosing one of the smaller, cheaper versions. The Tri:Mode is the ideal solution for bigger, busy families and larger homes who want to save energy by avoiding the tumble dryer.

Alternatives to the Dry:Soon Tri:Mode

Whichever option is right for you, you're sure to find that once you go for a heated airer, you probably won't look back...

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