Roomba i7+ robot vacuum review

Fancy a hoover that does all the work for you? Our review of Roomba’s i7+ model puts this robot vacuum to the test

iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner in promotional image being used on hard floors
(Image credit: iRobot Roomba)
Ideal Home Verdict

The i7+ robot vacuum has plenty of handy advantages for those with busy schedules, allergies, and particularly messy housemates. The mapping capabilities and memory are extremely clever, and make a hands-free clean much easier.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Effective at collecting dust

  • +


  • +

    Dirt-detecting technology

  • +

    Learns floor plans

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Doesn’t get in as many crannies as a handheld nozzle tool

  • -

    A relatively big investment

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I’ve never owned a cordless vacuum, let alone a robot vacuum. In my house, we’re pretty traditional when it comes to a traditional, upright vacuum. But when I was asked to try out the Roomba i7+, I jumped at the chance to allow for some minimal effort, and hands-free cleaning when it comes to vacuuming.

Although the i7+ requires a fairly hefty investment, it has been a game-changer for me when it comes to avoiding contact with dust. The product isn’t without its disadvantages though, it’s not the quietest vacuum, can bump into things often, and doesn’t fit under all of my furniture.

But with finances set aside, I’d definitely buy the i7+ over and over again, and crown it as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners, purely for its pick-up capabilities, and for convenience.

Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum product specs

iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: iRobot Roomba)
  • Model number: Roomba i7+
  • Battery run time: 90 mins
  • Charge time: Up to 3 hours for 100% charge
  • Bin capacity: 400ml
  • Suction power: 1800pa
  • Weight: 3.3kg
  • Accessories: Can come with or without self-emptying bin station
  • Noise level: 68 dB

Who tested this robot vacuum?

Mollie Davis, freelancer
Mollie Davis

Mollie has been reviewing household products for some time now, but this is the first robot vacuum that she's ever tried. She goes into everything with an open mind, and despite hearing mixed reviews from friends on robot vacuums in general, she was excited to try a Roomba, having read some great feedback. In general, she vacuums at least once a day, sometimes twice, in our house, because she has a basset hound who loves to shed - a lot! She tested this vacuum for about a month before making my decisions on its capability, as each day can bring about something different in the world of household cleaning.

Unboxing the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner

The vacuum arrived at my house in a fairly standard size box, if anything, I expected it to be a little bigger. It came in cardboard, which I popped in the recycling. It wasn’t too heavy to pick up and move around, and on unboxing, I was pleased with how high quality the vacuum felt. It didn’t feel cheap and like it would get easily damaged if it accidentally bumped into a wall or something dropped on it. The colourway of the product makes it easy to blend into any home, and I didn’t feel like it looked out of place in our space.

Testing the iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner at home

(Image credit: Future)

Through the app, I changed my vacuum’s name to Rona - Rona the robot. And soon, she looked very much at home.

Who will it suit? 

This vacuum is ideal for those who have an aversion to handling dust, or allergies, because it uses disposable bin bags to capture dust and debris, and only needs replacing after 30 runs. 

Testing the iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner at home

(Image credit: Future)

Families and pet owners would benefit from the i7+, because it remembers up to 10 different room plans, can schedule cleanings, and can get to work whilst you’re going about your daily tasks. Because of the self-emptying feature, our dog’s hair getting clogged up wasn’t a problem, because this smart vacuum knew when it needed to retreat.

What is it like to use? 

Initially, it felt really strange to be using a robot vacuum. Being sat on the sofa whilst a machine does my housework feels a little strange, but I’m not complaining.

I love being able to tell this vacuum to get to work in specific rooms around the house, and saying "Alexa, get Roomba to clean up in the kitchen" is so easy. But, it's still a robot vacuum, and I can't let it crack on inside a room that has lots on the floor or is cluttered, because I don't want to risk anything getting caught.

Testing the iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner at home

(Image credit: Future)

The smart-mapping feature allowed me to develop settings with the vacuum, so that it learned the layout and obstacles of each room, in up to 10 different rooms. Then, I named each room, and from then on was able to send my i7+ to clean up in specific spots around the house, either through the brand's app, or through Alexa.

At 9.3cm tall, the vacuum can fit under the majority of our cupboards, tables, and furniture. But, our sofa is quite low to the ground, and unfortunately the vacuum can’t get under there to clean, which is one of the areas that concerns me most when it comes to collecting dust and pet hair.

Testing the Roomba irobot i7+ robot vacuum at home

(Image credit: Future)

Once or twice I had to go and sort out the vacuum, when my dog got a toy stuck under it, thinking it was playing with her. I was really impressed to find that the vacuum got straight back into it in the exact spot where it left off, after I had rebooted it.


Because of how much hair our dog sheds, we need to empty our vacuum more than most. But, I was pleasantly surprised that the Clean Base can hold up to 30 bins worth of debris. I need to change the bag about once every four weeks, and a 3-pack of replacement Dirt Disposal Bags is priced at £21.95 from iRobot.

Testing the iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner at home

(Image credit: Future)

It is fairly pricey, but I love how the app reminds me when the bag needs to be changed, and how when I need to do the super easy changeover, it keeps dust and debris safe inside, which has been a game-changer for my allergies. 

Storage and maintenance: 

The i7+ comes with the Clean Base, but is available to purchase without. Of course, the self-emptying base means that the vacuum takes up an extra bit of space, but it isn’t a great deal. It needs to be propped against a wall, ideally, but doesn’t look out of place in a kitchen or hallway. Its black design is sleek and isn’t offensive looking, but you can’t tuck it away in a cupboard or push it under the sofa when it’s not being used. So, it’s worth bearing in mind that you do need a space to designate it. 

How does it rate online? has six five-star reviews, and the brand offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which always speaks volumes for a product. Amazon scores the product an average of 4.3 stars, with over 2,838 ratings worldwide.

People praise the easy to use app, link up with Alexa, and the ease of use against children and pets who like to create a constant mess. But, generally the price tag is what gives people second thoughts.

How does it compare to similar models and its predecessors? 

The Roomba i7+ was the first of its kind to offer a self-emptying station, which was revolutionary for hands-free cleaning. But, there are plenty of options that offer similar technology since its launch five years ago in 2018.

I’ve personally only tried this one robot vacuum out, so I don’t have much to compare it to. But, the Roomba i5+, launched in 2022, is another self-emptying vacuum from the brand, with a price tag of a few hundred pounds cheaper. Although the i5+ doesn’t have as many smart technology features, or the dirt detect technology, it’s a great entry option into the world of self-emptying robot vacuums, for those who would rather try something more affordable before making a big purchase.

The eufy Clean by Anker RoboVac G40+ Robot Vacuum is Amazon's number 1 when it comes to self-emptying robot vacuums, and is priced at a much more affordable £399.99. The eufy is slightly shorter at just over 7cm tall, so is more likely to squeeze under those small spaces.

Should you buy the Roomba i7+?:

Coming with its own self-emptying docking station, the i7+ has plenty of handy advantages for those with busy schedules, allergies, and particularly messy housemates. The mapping capabilities and memory are extremely clever, and make a hands-free clean much easier. My dog doesn’t love having something run around amongst her feet, and it’s not the quietest vacuum market. But with all things considered, if you’ve got the budget to spend, its suction abilities are impressive, and you’ll struggle to remember how you coped without a vacuum that does the work for you. 

Mollie Davis
Freelance Reviewer

Mollie Davis is a freelancer reviewer who has tested a range of products, including for Ideal Home.