Seasonal re-decorating made simple – how to balance trend and tradition

Refresh your home decor with a helping hand from EE

Onions on kitchen counter
(Image credit: Tom Watkins)

After months of rain and darkness, Spring is the perfect time to reset your home. It’s time to throw off the heavy fabrics, and moody colours and embrace all things light, bright and airy. 

Investing in one or two pieces to refresh the look of your home is all part of the fun of welcoming spring into our homes. However, it is important to invest in pieces that will blend into your home and look amazing year after year. 

 Make small swaps 

Your first port of call before buying anything new at the start of a season is looking around your home and considering any small changes you can make. This could be hiding away a few blankets, swapping out your scatter cushions or adjusting your lighting. 

If you have a smart speaker hooked up to smart bulbs in your home you can tweak your lighting to change the ambience in your home. You can switch to a preset for spring so that the lights will come on automatically when the sun goes down later than in winter. 

Onions on kitchen counter

(Image credit: Tom Watkins)

 Do you research  

Once you have made these small swaps using things you already own you can start considering new investments. While it is tempting to buy a room's worth of new on-trend pieces, you will only regret it when it falls out of fashion in a couple of months. 

Instead, do your research. Work out what key pieces of homeware are worth investing in to transition your home into the new season.

One of the best places to start is to create a mood board. You can do this easily on your smartphone with the aid of digital moodboards, like Pinterest. It will allow you to pin images of rooms you like to help you identify the key elements that make up the look you’re trying to create. 

Kitchen counter with lemons on board

(Image credit: Tom Watkins)

Once you have narrowed it down and settled on a key piece of furniture or a paint colour change, you can then try it out with the help of an AR app.

Many retailers including IKEA and Dulux now offer product visualisation apps on your smartphone. These apps allow you to see how a piece of furniture or paint colour will look in your home through your phone. Clever huh?

Armed with a smartphone and a good broadband connection, like with the EE Smart Hub Plus, you have everything you need to transition your home into the new season. 

Visit for more information on the uses of EE tech in the home. 

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