New-build Italian farmhouse

housetohome takes a tour around this Italian farmhouse to see the haven of classic design and modern style

A stylish linear garden design gives the courtyard a grand feel. Typical of any Italian fortified farmhouse (or masseria), the living quarters and courtyard are protected by high walls.

1/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

lawn with arm chair

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2/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

kitchen area with black kitchen counter and chimney

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A large rustic table in the centre of the kitchen gives the space a laid-back, relaxed feel, while other wooden touches, such as the bowl and units, add warmth to the pale backdrop. Find a similar table at French Finds.

3/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

living area with white wall and white sofa and coffee table and fire place

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Claire has used large-scale, defined shapes and a symmetrical layout to make this tall, narrow space feel comfortable and composed. Saville two seater sofa, Oka. Francesco lamps, Fancy Home Collection.

4/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

bathroom with bathtub and arm chair and curtain

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Full-length curtains take the place of traditional shutters to give the bedroom a softer, more relaxed feel. A stunning bateau bath at the end of the four-poster bed creates a dramatic statement and transforms the room into a luxurious retreat.

Freestanding bath, Sunbury Antiques. Eden four-poster bed, Luz Interiors.

5/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

bedroom with white wall and bed with blue cushions

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Claire could not resist using blue linen accessories to give this room a vibrant splash of Mediterranean spirit. Throw and cushions, Beyond France.

6/6 New-build Italian farmhouse H&G

swimming pool with grey sofa and arm chair pots

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Claire had the large-scale planters made to accomodate the mature lemon trees that frame the stylish seating area, while hanging lanterns create a romantic glow in the evenings. Bespoke planters, Woodesign.

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