Step inside this beautiful Staffordshire farmhouse

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  • The owner runs an interiors shop and holds furniture painting courses, while her husband is a builder. They bought this beautiful Grade II-listed 400-year-old farmhouse with six bedrooms in Staffordshire in 2002. Then they set about transforming it into their dream home to bring up their daughters, who are now grown up.

    The house was up for sale through auction. ‘It hadn’t been lived in for 40 years,’ says the owner. ‘The lady who lived here before that had only inhabited the dining room, so the rest of the house hadn’t been lived in for 50 or 60 years! Everything was unloved, but there was plenty of land and we could see the potential.’

    The owners lived in a caravan on site for the two years it took to do the structural work. The house had to be gutted. ‘The interior was exposed to the elements and was dangerous so we had to be careful. In fact, parts had to be pinned up with scaffolding to make sure it was safe.’

    As well as a new roof, the house was rewired and heating and plumbing installed. New handmade windows were also put in and a new staircase created. ‘All the family would come and help,’ says the owner.  Work continued even after they had moved in.

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