Step inside this retro-inspired Scandi-style house in Leicestershire

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  • After inheriting some money, this couple thought that a small property development project seemed like a good investment idea. The idea was to renovate, sell, and hopefully make a small profit. They never expected the project that they took on in the end though – building a house on the site of a Fifties bungalow in Leicestershire that they bought at auction. ‘I was a bit blinkered by the ugliness of the house itself, but my husband saw the lovely views and the big oak tree in the back garden and we started to imagine a very different house,’ says one of the owners.

    The couple came up with a plan to strip the property back to just three original walls, and reroof to make space for rooms in the eaves. They also wanted to increase the natural light that was available inside the ‘dingy’ interior, so they moved the front entrance to the side of the building. This allowed them to create a double-height hallway which the other rooms flowed from.

    In terms of style, the couple were quite clear on what they liked: ‘I would describe our style as eclectic with a Scandi slant…and a bit utilitarian.’ With that in mind, they decided upon a simple palette of white, grey and oak (or other natural woods), with a couple of additional pops of colour. This would act as the ideal backdrop for their collection of mid-century modern furniture.

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