Shopping edit – best larder cupboards for the ultimate in kitchen organization

Perfectly stacked shelves and supplies at your fingertips, a kitchen larder is the ultimate in organisation
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  • Larders have almost overtaken the kitchen island as being top of people’s kitchen wish lists. If you can make room for a beautifully designed larder cabinet – be it slim, or cavernous and double-doored – then it’s a worthwhile investment.

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    Look out for larders that make the most of all the available space, but that also offer storage in different forms. This could be adjustable shelving in the body of the cabinet, or drawers beneath. Shelving racks on the inside of the doors and cubby drawers for storing rice and pasta are also handy. As are vegetable baskets.


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    Traditionally a larder was a cool room off the kitchen. Here, foods such as butter, cheese, milk and meat were kept at low temperatures, in a time before refrigerators. The word “larder” references the lard that covered raw meat to preserve it.

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    Larders were often built into external walls, on the north or western sides of the house. Here, they were less exposed to the sun and remained cooler.


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    Today, shelving and work surfaces used in contemporary larder cupboards are often made of stone or marble or slate. Both have great cooling properties.

    Aside from the practicalities, a larder cupboard can be a fabulous design feature. They are available in an increasing variety of colours.

    If you’ve dreamed of painting your kitchen cabinetry in a daring shade but are not ready to take the plunge, it can be a good idea to choose a larder in that colour as a statement piece.


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    Externally, they can blend in beautifully with your other cabinets. But open them up, and neatly designed with multiple shelves and drawers, you’ll find all you need with which to season, spice and cook.

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    Our pick of the best larder cupboards incorporates solutions for any kitchen or utility space. From a narrow design from the Cotswold Company, to a larder on wheels by Maisons Du Monde, you’ll find something to fill any storage gap.

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