Kitchen storage ideas – smart storage solutions to organise busy kitchens

Looking for kitchen storage ideas? Turn your kitchen from a clutter fest into a tidy haven with these easy ideas to max out your storage.
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  • Smart kitchen storage ideas are essential in the modern kitchen. The traditional heart of the home is no longer just a space for cooking but also for dining, entertaining, relaxing and now even working.

    With so many demands on this versatile space, the key to keeping a kitchen clutter free and easy to use, regardless of size, is well-considered storage solutions.

    With a plethora of things all jostling for a place, the kitchen requires particularly careful consideration. Luckily, modern kitchen designers have upped the ante with space-saving, super-strong drawers that can bear the weight of stacks of china or heavy pans. Pull-out larders, magic corners and adjustable baskets also ensure space is utilised down to the very last inch.

    ‘It’s all about convenience’, says designer Dominic Ash. ‘Think hard about exactly where to create storage to make your kitchen user-friendly. For example, pans should be near the cooker, and crockery near the dishwasher so you can unload straight into the cupboard.’

    Do you buy groceries little and often? Or are you a fan of a big shop? In the latter case a larder might be the answer. Do you have everyday crockery and a second set for entertaining? If so, think where this can be stored safely out of the way.

    With an endless stash of pots and pans to keep at bay, filling a kitchen with ample storage is something of a tall order. But – no matter how many mugs or how little space you have – there’s always a solution to be found

    Kitchen storage ideas

    industrial grey kitchen with geometric floor tiles and copper handles

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jonathan Jones

    From counter-top storage and built-in cabinets to freestanding dressers and open shelving, there are plenty of smart ideas for practical and effective storage in a small kitchen space and open-plan kitchens alike. With the kitchen coming under increasing pressure to perform a variety of crucial roles such as family dining, relaxing, working and entertaining, a good layout and adequate storage are more important than ever for a successful kitchen idea.

    Keeping everything neatly behind closed doors is much easier if the interiors are designed with specific contents in mind. Smaller items will benefit from a shallow drawer with numerous compartments to keep items separated and easy to locate. Consider whether any cupboards will benefit from integral electric sockets, allowing you to charge gadgets out of view.

    Condiments and spice jars tend to come in standard sizes so kitchen shelving can be fitted at precise heights to get more in, which can slot into racks on the back of an easily accessible cupboard door. Many kitchen furniture ranges are now designed to morph into dining and living room furniture, enabling full coordination throughout.

    1. Kit out cupboards with storage solutions

    Ikea cleaning cupboard

    Image credit: Ikea

    Dedicate a kitchen cupboard to store all your household cleaning chore essentials out of sight. Utilise every inch in a tall kitchen cabinet or an under-stairs cupboard by kitting out the interior with hooks and racks so you can stash bulky items securely. Slide-out interior storage like this example at IKEA will give easy access to cleaning essentials, within the existing layout of your kitchen.

    Buy now: Metod/Maximera high cabinet with cleaning interior, £241, Ikea

    2. Create a multi-tasking kitchen hub

    Kitchen with storage unit

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson

    Make family life run more smoothly with a strategically placed storage unit at the hub of your kitchen. Use Billy bookcases (£45 each, Ikea) arranged in a configuration that suits your space. Allocate different compartments for stowing kitchenware, paperwork, school kit and other daily essentials and then add a chalkboard panel on one side as a family memo board. Use chalkboard paint or buy self-adhesive panels.

    3. Run a shelf above your splash back

    Blue kitchen with open shelves

    Image credit: Homesense

    Gain extra storage and display space in a kitchen by fixing up a length or two of shelving above the worktop. Paint shelves to match the wall colour for a sleek look and to give a contrast backdrop for displays of crockery and kitchenware. Add a row of cup hooks underneath shelves to hang tools and utensils.

    4. Showcase everyday essentials

    White larder cabinet

    Image credit: The White Company

    While there’s a lot to be said for hiding clutter away behind closed doors, having favourite things on show gives heart to a home. Tableware looks good displayed en masse – whether its all-white china, decorative glass or rustic earthenware – and behind glass will keep it safe and dust-free. Arrange collections artfully so that shelves don’t look overly cluttered. Stack plates, dishes and bowls together and cluster glasses, jugs and pitchers in groups with the tallest items at the back so that everything is easily accessible.

    Buy now Glass display cabinet, £995, The White Company

    5. Slot in a slimline larder

    Kitchen with green painted larder cupboard

    Image credit: Damian Russell

    Make use of an empty alcove or recess in a kitchen by creating a built-in larder cupboard. Shallow shelves are great for storing jars and packets, just add a couple of crates or baskets at the bottom for storing loose items.

    6. Build in shallow cabinets

    Kitchen storage

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

    If your tableware collection is a combination of hand-me-downs, charity shop finds and new buys, it might look a little messy out on display. Instead, store it in a tall cupboard with solid-fronted doors. Dedicate a shelf to each style to ensure order.

    7. Make a display of jars

    Kitchen storage 3

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Free up cupboard space at the same time as making a stylish countertop display by popping dried food into glass storage jars. Arrange in height and size order. Create fun labels that say which pasta is your kids favourite or your family nickname for each shape.

    8. Choose a multi-functional freestanding unit

    Kitchen storage ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

    Here’s a neat kitchen storage idea – turn a kitchen trolley into a moveable work bench or cooking aid. Whether it’s used to house glasses, bottles and decanters for cocktails or herb planters, oils, spices and a pestle and mortar, this is a great way to store special kit that you use a lot in your kitchen space.

    9. Opt for open-shelving

    blue painted Kitchen with wall shelving

    Image credit: Future PLC

    In a shabby chic kitchen, storage doubles as a design feature. White painted open shelving – which mimics the look of traditional country dressers – suits the relaxed style of this kitchen, while providing a neutral home for the mix-and-match china and storage jars that add character to this room. Below the worktop and butler sink, panelled cabinets hide away bulkier kitchen items so that the space still feels tidy.

    10. Hang pans from a rail

    Kitchen rail with pans on hooks on leaf print wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Paul Raeside

    If your built-in kitchen storage is limited, free up space in cabinets by hanging colourful or patterned mugs and tea cups on a wall-fixed rustic wooden rack. Not only is this a practical way to utilise space – and always have a mug on hand for a cuppa – but it also makes an interesting decorative feature in a neutral kitchen space.

    11. Consider a pantry or larder

    Green kitchen pantry

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Carolyn Barber

    A pantry or larder should be close to your fridge and freezer for instance, making it quick and easy to unload groceries. Likewise, in a dream kitchen scenario, china and cutlery should be stored near the dishwasher. It is usually a good idea to keep storage for glasses and frequently accessed items away from the main cooking area so as not to interrupt the cook while they’re creating a culinary masterpiece!

    12. Mix freestanding with fixed storage

    Kitchen storage ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Bevan

    Use more glass fronted cabinets or open-shelving in non-cooking areas to create a distinction between spaces and prevent the whole room looking like one giant kitchen. Mixing up freestanding and fitted furniture will also help define roles. Stick to one colour palette for a considered look.

    13. Use a room divider as storage

    Kitchen storage ideas

    Image credit: Montse Garriga Grau

    The right storage system can double up as a room divider in an open-plan space. Solid, freestanding shelves, that reach almost to the ceiling and are open on both sides can be used to house pots and pans and more attractive serving ware plus dining table essentials.

    14. Build storage into your furniture

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Use your kitchen cabinetry to introduce a smart alternative storage solution. In this open-plan kitchen idea the back of the kitchen cabinet provides the perfect shell for open shelving, to offer the living room area display shelves.

    15. Utilise wasted space

    Kitchen storage ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jonathan Jones

    If you need small kitchen storage ideas, explore every inch of your room for hidden storage opportunities. Ceiling racks can be used to hang pans and utensils, while plinth-line drawers are perfect for stashing away baking trays and outsized cookware. There’s no excuse for wasted space in corner cupboards any more – a carousel or swing-out Le Mans shelving create storage in the spaces your arms will never reach.

    16. Reclaim your kitchen storage

    Kitchen storage ideas

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Parmiter

    The temptation to pack a kitchen with floor-to-ceiling storage can be really strong but, if you have a sizeable space or a streamlined selection of cookware and serve-ware, consider restricting your cabinetry to base units alone. This creates an airy, spacious feel.

    17. Add a rack

    Kitchen storage 12

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Drawers might seem like a great place to store kitchen utensils, but it can be hard to find what you need in them. Instead hand a slim rail along the wall above the hob or by the sink, and use S-hooks to hang utensils.

    18. Add in slide down storage

    Kitchen storage 1

    Image credit: Magnet

    Getting to things at the back of the cupboard always runs the risk of the flour and oil clattering to the floor in a big mess. Make the most of your cupboard space by adding in secret storage such as this motorised shelving unit from Cabinet Plus, Magnet. All you do is touch a button and the unit will reveal itself, saving your rummaging in the cupboard for the balsamic vinegar or sugar.

    19. Hide a charging station away in a drawer

    Kitchen storage 2

    Image credit: Magnet

    A busy family kitchen design can quickly become a clutter of chargers, phones and iPads. Keep all electrical safe and out the was with a built in USB charging tray like this one from Magnet. It fits neatly inside a drawer, so come dinner time you have a perfect excuse to make sure all the family have put there phones away (to charge of course).

    20. Integrate kitchen storage into your splashback

    splashback integrated storage in a modern bulthaup b3 kitchen

    Image credit: Bulthaup

    ‘The biggest trend at the minute is people wanting storage integrated into a splashback’, says Mark Dyson of Enclosure Architects. ‘This idea comes from the fabulous b3 kitchen by Bulthaup. You only have to add about 15cm to the back of the worktop to make space for spice racks, chopping boards and cleaning materials.

    ‘If there’s space in a partition wall use it to create a place for your toaster or radio. Conceal behind stainless-steel sliding doors for a really smart finish.’

    21. Under-cupboard drawers

    drawer with utensils, jars and coffee in wooden box storage - IKEA

    Image credit: Ikea

    Eke out another few inches from your kitchen with under-cupboard drawers. Perfect for tea towels, trays, trivets or those utensils you only use once a year, these shallow drawers fit under the units where there is usually a plinth, making use of this otherwise redundant space. Try Ikea for clever devices like Exceptionell push to open drawers.

    22. Make use of ceiling height

    Modern navy kitchen with island unit

    Image credit: Richard Gadsby

    In period houses a kitchen ceiling can often be 2.7 to 3m high, so standard units fall short. Get a builder to create made-to-measure storage all the way up to the ceiling. ‘You can then store lots of stuff in a space where you would normally only leave things to gather dust,’ says Mark. ‘It finishes the back wall of a kitchen off perfectly, too.’

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