5 clever storage ideas you'll thank us for

You'll wonder how you've lived without these brilliant storage ideas

All storage is useful, but these designs have genius status. Trust us, they can help you change your clutter-collecting habits for good. Whether it's inside a kitchen cupboard or behind a bedroom door, these clever buys will ensure that you never let a prime storage opportunity go to waste.

This cable tidier
Yes, we know cables aren't exactly clutter, and they are an essential part of a modern household, but they are far from pretty. Luckily we've found a way to keep them out of sight – just put an extension lead inside this nifty cable organiser, plug in your phone/ipad/camera chargers, then pop the lid on top to hide it all away. The lid comes in white, black, grey, dark wood and light wood shades, so you can choose a colour that will blend in with your flooring.

wooden box cable holder

(Image credit: HomeArama)

Cable organiser, £25.95, HomeArama

This hair dryer holster
We have been searching for one of these for so long! Just tuck the holder over the top of a cupboard door and you've created a long-term home for your trusty hair-drying companion. It even has a hook to wind the power cable round.

white hairdryer

(Image credit: TBC)

Over-cabinet hair dryer holder, £9, Store

This slimline shelving unit
This narrow wall unit is ideal for a compact room where there just isn't enough floor space for storage. Fix it to the wall in a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen to hold all those small bits and bobs that you use regularly. Check out our bathroom storage ideas gallery for more bathroom ideas.

metal Shelves

(Image credit: TBC)

Industrial-style metal shelves, £120, Cox & Cox

This cupboard filler

This simple but oh-so-clever piece of kit creates a whole new level inside your cupboards, allowing you to make use of the full height available. Fill plastic caddies with jars, cans and packets, then slide them beneath and on top of this moveable shelf. Genius!

cupboard caddies

(Image credit: TBC)

Shelf, £12.99; stack caddies, £4.99 each; all Lakeland

This shoe sorter
Clear up that tangle of shoes at the bottom of the wardrobe for good with this two-storey shoe rack. This one folds flat when not in use, so you can slide it out the way when you no longer need it.

shoe rack with shoes

(Image credit: TBC)

Folding stackable shoe shelf, £11.95, HomeArama