These Amazon bedding organisers transformed how I store bed sheets - my home has never looked tidier

TikTok made me buy it, and I am so glad I did

Bedding organiser on a bed
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Neatly storing away bedding is one of the adult life hacks I've never mastered. That was until TikTok introduced me to Amazon bedding organisers.

While I only keep three sets of bedding in my home (one guest and two seasonal sets) they somehow manage to take over an entire (very messy) cupboard. I have tried nearly every folding and storage hack to keep my linen cupboard organised, including folding inside a pillow case, file-folding and rolling into a basket. However, as soon as I have to retrieve one set, or put another back, the whole tidy system comes tumbling down. 

I had basically given up and retreated to the 'stuff it all in a box' method until these Amazon bedding organisers started popping up all over my Instagram and TikTok feeds. I originally spied them on a US-based influencer's account, but after a little searching, I tracked down a set available to purchase in the UK.

While the official name for the clever storage product is 'bedding organiser' to me they will forever be known as 'bedding files' as they look just like storage files that can be neatly stacked on a shelf.

Any organising fan will know that dedicated storage solutions don't come cheap, but if they work they are well worth the investment. Priced at £31 for a set of three, the bedding organisers may be on the expensive end at £10 a box, but as they have transformed how I organise my bedding, they're worth every penny to me. If the price is still putting you off, they are very slightly reduced for Amazon Prime Day to £28. 

Amazon bedding folder in a row with labels

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The first genius part of these organisers is that they arrive flat-packed and are designed to fold up around the bedding, keeping things flat and, most importantly, crease-free.

I found that one organiser fits a full set of king-size bedding including a duvet cover, pillowcases and fitted sheet. However, you can see from the image above that it's a little bit of a squeeze with thicker brushed cotton bed sheets.

Amazon bedding folder

(Image credit: Future / Rebecca Knight)

The next clever part is that they all have a small window where you can see the bedding through at the front, as well as a label. For the first time I successfully sent my partner to retrieve the guest bedding without providing a detailed description of its colour and location (and even then I would usually have to dig it out myself in the end). Now that is a serious win in my book!

I currently have the set of three stacked neatly on a set of shelves in my storage cupboard. They might not line up perfectly, but it looks so much better before and they all have a little handle on the front so they can be pulled out easily. I've been so pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness that I'm planning to invest in a further set to keep my beach towels, guest towels and spare blankets in order too.

Since investing in my set more versions have become available to buy on the UK Amazon site. Of course, if you're not ready to invest in a dedicated bedding organiser you could achieve a similar effect for less by repurposing an office file holder. 

However, if you want to fast-track your way to a tidy bedding cupboard, I can't recommend these enough. 

Rebecca Knight
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