5 ninja decorating tricks that take minutes

Get crafty with these super-quick decorating ideas

Got a few minutes to spare? Personalise your home with one of these simple, low-cost decorating ideas...

1. Turn an old picture frame into a pinboard

Create a pretty memo board or jewellery holder by framing a beautiful piece of fabric. First of all, paint your frame to complement the colours in your chosen piece of fabric. Once dry, cut foam mountboard so that it fits snugly inside the wooden frame. Wrap your fabric around the board, pulling it tight across the corners and sides so there are no wrinkles on the front. Tape the fabric on the back of the board, then push the board into the frame.

wooden table with craft work

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2. Display photos in glass jars

Keep hold of any empty glass jars from the kitchen to use as photo frames. Wash out the jars and leave to dry, then carefully roll up your chosen photographs - black and white photos tend to look best - and push them into the jars. Use a pencil to help unroll them once inside. Make an attractive display on a shelf or mantel by lining up coloured glass bottles behind your photo jars.

glass jars

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3. Make a kitchen roll holder

Keeping kitchen paper to hand is a must for mopping up spills in the kitchen, but you can clear some space on your worktop by storing it on a holder on the wall. It's really easy to make a holder out of a wire coat hanger - use one that you've acquired from a trip to the dry cleaners. Just untwist the wire, thread the wire through the roll of kitchen paper and twist the wire up again. Fix a hook or a knob onto the wall above your worktop and hang up your new holder for an industrial-style accessory that costs peanuts. If you like to display things in groups, hang up rolls of baking parchment and brown paper, too.

wooden table with teapot and white wall with tissue roll

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4. Create a display with fabric remnants

Instead of buying new artwork, use leftover scraps of material to add colour and pattern to a room. Embroidery hoops make ideal frames for fabric scraps. Place your chosen remnant in the hoop, positioning it so that the screw on the hoop is at the top centre of the pattern. Tighten the screw and cut away any excess fabric around the outside of the hoop. Try making a set of three and hanging them on the wall in a group.

bamboo embroidery hoop

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5. Repurpose a mug tree for craft storage

Put an old pine mug tree to use in your home office as a tape holder. Use sandpaper to rub down the surface, then give it two coats of paint in a shade that matches your decor. Give the same treatment to an old kitchen-roll holder and use it as a twine dispenser in your garage or garden shed.

tape holder

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