Want great rental returns? THESE are the UK’s biggest buy-to-let hotspots – and the worst!

You'll be surprised which postcode is at the bottom of the list

We've all had dreams of being at the helm of our own buy-to-let property portfolio. But before we plough ahead with investment, investment, investment, it's important to take stock of the current state of the UK's property market, and find out which areas offer the biggest bang for our buck.

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Luckily, a new online tool does just this examining rental yield in 2,463 locations across the UK, and showing the average annual income a property will make if it's rented out.

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The Buy-To-Let Hotspots tool is created by premier windows furnishing company Thomas Sanderson and shows rental yield as a percentage of the property’s overall value.

All would-be landlords need to do is pop in the name of the city or town they've got their rental designs on, and before they can say 'profitable property' they'll get rental projections for the area they've  chosen as well as surrounding areas.

Buy-to-let hotspots UK

Using the tool the top five most profitable postcodes to buy-to-let in the UK were revealed to be:

It's good news for football fans, as L6, home to Anfield and Everton football stadiums, is number one in the UK when it comes to rental yields.

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At the other end of the spectrum the five least profitable locations to buy-to-let in the UK, interestingly, included three locations in the capital. They were as follows:

Last of all was WC1A in London – otherwise known as Bloomsbury. N18 (Palmers Green) and W1J (Mayfair) are also surprisingly low down the list. It seems it's best not to base your buy-to-let investments on Monopoly, at any rate!


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Commenting on the tool, Richard Petrie, Marketing Manager for Thomas Sanderson said:

'If you are considering buying a property to let it out, this tool is really useful in showing you where it would be most profitable to do so and give you an idea of what to expect in your chosen location.

'It’s also interesting to see the vast difference in rental yield in different areas of the country, but not that surprising that three of the least profitable locations are in London.'

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Would you consider investing in any of the above areas?