Choose the perfect country-style gate and fence

Whether you have a cottage garden or a bigger plot, we’ve got ideas to help you mark the boundary in style.

Give your home the essential finishing touch with the right gate and fence.

Use a gate to create the illusion of a bigger garden

‘A garden gate mirror is a brilliant way to bring light into a dark area of your garden,' says Fleur Tookey, Designer, Looking Glass Gates. ‘This one creates the illusion of a wrought-iron gate by having an image of a gate placed on top of the mirror, giving the impression there is more garden beyond. Carefully positioned, a gate mirror will bring a sunny reflection into a shady area and is easily attached to a fence or wall.'

garden with white gate and green plants in pots

(Image credit: Natural Fencing.)

Cottage garden mirror, £275, Looking Glass Gates.

Try an eco-friendly fence

‘Hazel hurdles make beautiful fencing and ride high in the green credential stakes because of their sustainability,' says Jim Maydon, owner of Natural Fencing. ‘Crafted from coppiced hazel, framed hurdles are easier to erect and have a slightly more formal feel than unframed ones. Our panels come in standard and bespoke sizes, and the natural gaps let the wind pass through, which improves their stability.'

garden with grass lawn and natural fencing

(Image credit: Natural Fencing)

Hazel framed hazel hurdle, £54, Natural Fencing.

Go for a one-of-a-kind design

‘Our hand-forged Rusted Flower gate blends seamlessly with cottage garden planting, and the striking lattice structure leads the eye down the path and inspires curiosity,' says Jackie Kibble, owner of Secret Gardens Furniture. ‘We can design the gate to fit an existing space or install aged oak posts and adjoining fencing or planters. Forged to look like flowering branches, with a rusted finish on solid steel, the gate's organic style adds a magical charm. The planters to each side can be filled with fragrant lavender or colourful blooms.'

garden with wooden fence and green plants

(Image credit: Secret Gardens Furniture)

Bespoke Rusted Flower gate and planters, from £1,155, Secret Gardens Furniture.

Renovate an old but sturdy wrought-iron gate

‘Exterior eggshell or exterior gloss can be used to smarten up garden gates and railings,' says Sarah Cole, Marketing Director, Farrow & Ball. ‘Eggshell offers a mid-sheen finish for a traditional look, while our Full Gloss has a 95% sheen level making metal gates bold and bright. When using black, our Off Black is more flattering to adjacent colours than our Pitch Black, but both give up to six years' protection.'

garden with black gate and flower plants

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball.)

Gate painted in Off Black, £20 for 750ml Full Gloss, Farrow & Ball.

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