Bangers and smash up: fight breaks out in supermarket as bargain hunters battle it out over cut-price food

The Slough branch of Tesco has been forced to lay on extra security staff to deal with bargain hunters fighting over reduced fruit and veg

Fights have erupted in a Berkshire branch of Tesco after shoppers allegedly pushed, elbowed and knocked each other to the ground trying to bag heavily discounted food.

The Slough branch has been forced to lay on extra security staff to deal with the crazed bargain hunters.

According to witnesses, shoppers knocked each other to the ground and even pinched items from other people’s baskets as supermarket staff brought out trolleys of reduced items.

Labour MP for Slough Fiona Mactaggart said a constituent reported fights in a Tesco store in the town on three occasions.

Tesco confirmed extra staff are on duty ‘to manage the reductions to make sure all our customers can shop safely’.

It seems that in the run up to Christmas and in the middle of the economic downturn shoppers are more determined than ever to grab themselves a bargain.

New research from Bangor University, North Wales, has revealed that younger people are more attuned to identifying a good bargain.

It seems they could be overpowering older shoppers in supermarkets with both their physical and mental ability to spot a good discount.

Scientists at Bangor University carried out MRI brain scans on around 30 volunteers who were shown a series of offers and told to save as much money as possible.

Researcher Dr Paul Mullins said younger shoppers definitely have an advantage, adding: ‘It is unusual because one would think that older people would be better drilled at evaluating what was and what was not a bargain.’

The research also found there was no discrimination between the sexes, as men and women are both as canny at spotting a discount.

So there you go folks, before you head down to your local supermarket, make sure you’re fully prepared for the madness that may ensue (and you’re ready to find a bargain)!

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