5 genius cleaning hacks from the Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie that you’ll want to try right now!

Who's ready to clean up their act?

Spending the smallest amount of time giving our homes a once over for the biggest results is something we all aspire to. And now that's been made possible thanks to the clever cleaning hacks on offer from Lynsey Crombie, aka the Queen of Clean.

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Lynsey has fast become one of the UK's leading 'cleanfluencers' after making her debut on hit Channel 4 show Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners back in 2014. She has now amassed more than 120,000 followers on her Instagram account and sees up to 50,000 visitors to her blog each month. And what she doesn't know about dusting, decluterring and cleaning probably isn't worth knowing.

Below we reveal some of her top tips for whipping our homes into shape, and many take just minutes to execute – perfect for a generation of time stretched homeowners.

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1. Tumble dryer sheets are great at cleaning blinds

As well as keeping our bedding fresh and helping to reduce creases, tumble dryer sheets can also be used for another area of cleaning in the home. Lynsey reveals that tumble dryer sheets (even ones that have already been used in the dryer) are fantastic for dusting blinds – who knew? Start by closing blinds completely, and work your way from the top down dusting blinds horizontally.

2. Use a lint roller to 'dust' lampshades and light fittings

Dusty lampshades are one of the most awkward things in our homes to clean. Luckily lint rollers have come to the rescue providing a quick and effortless way pick up the dust without damaging the shade. Lynsey also suggests using lint rollers for picking up any small shards of broken glass from the floor.

3. You CAN clean non-washable cushion covers

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Want to do more than reaching for a bottle of Febreeze when freshening up non-washable cushion covers? Take a micro fibre cloth dampened with water and a very small amount of washing-up liquid, then gently wipe, working in stripes up and down the area, to prevent water marks. Finally, spray with a fabric refresher to eliminate any lingering odours.

4. Chop a lemon for a clean chopping board

Unsightly stains on your chopping board are notoriously hard to get rid of. But for tough stains on wooden or plastic chopping boards, Lynsey suggests turning to the bleaching powers of lemon. Squeeze lemon juice directly onto the stain and scrub in a little salt. Leave for ten minutes then rinse clean.

5. Bring some order to your ironing

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Getting organised with your ironing can ensure you get the job done quicker and eliminate the need to constantly move between different heat settings. Split your ironing into piles before you start. Take a look at the care labels and see what temperatures the garments need. If you are using an older iron, start ironing the low temperature items such as silk, first and move up to the awkward creased items that need a higher heat.

How to Clean Your House, by Lynsey Crombie, published by Harper Collins (£12.99) is out now.

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Which is your favourite tip from the list?