5 genius cleaning hacks that cost under £5 from Wales’ answer to Mrs Hinch

This has got cleaning clever written all over it
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  • Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – it’s time to move over. There’s a new cleaning guru in town and she’s taking Wales by storm. Jo Tunnicliffe-Evans has amassed more the 71,000 followers on her @jottiesjournal Instagram account where she shares her ‘#Homemaking bits and #cleaningtips’, with her legions of fans.

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    The 31-year-old from Llanelli has her own small cleaning business, so will have had ample opportunity to hone her cleaning prowess. We’ve put together five of her most genius cleaning hacks under £5, so why not don your marigolds and give them a go?

    Jottie’s Journal Cleaning Hacks

    1. Banish bad smells

    ‘Those’ bad smells can linger in the bathroom long after a visit, and our nostrils can also be assaulted by blocked up sinks and drains filled with grime and more. But rather than reaching for a can of air freshener why not follow the example above and squirt some scented toiler cleaner – without flushing – around your toilet rim to fill your bathroom with a pleasing  scent?

    2. Clean your fridge the easy way

    Hands up who dreads cleaning the fridge? It always feel like whichever compartment you take out never seems to slot nicely back in once you’ve given it a once over. While Jotties Journal can’t help with that, this top tip for using a dishmatic to clean all those awkward areas in your fridge – including the back wall – has completely blown our minds.

    3. Get washing whiter than white

    Dishwasher tablets in the washing machine – yes you read that right. We say, whatever helps our whites looking even brighter gets a thumbs up from us.

    4. Make appliances look shiny and new

    Stainless steel and kitchens are a pairing almost as old as time. But while they help to create a sleek and streamlined in the heart of our homes, there’s also the pesky problem of the visible streaks left behind whenever we handle our stainless steel appliances. The solution? A quick wipe with some Baby Oil, and it’s a case of grease be gone.

    5. Make your own fabric freshener

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    Oh so fresh! I love damp dusting with my DIY fabric freshener. As it contains fabric conditioner, it has an ingredient fab for repelling dust and smells so lush too! To make yours, you simply; 💛 Add a capful of your favourite fabric conditioner to an empty spray bottle 🧡 Dilute with water and give a little shake to mix To dust I apply straight to the cloth to make it slightly damp. A little TUESDAY TIP for you too; if you’ve got your radiators on, wipe down with this and your room will smell fab as it heats the room 👌🏼💕 ________________________________________________ 🛋 Tuesdays are for Living Areas. Today’s additional monthly: Clean TV Screens 📺 Check out my stories on how I do mine. To get #jottified check out the link in my bio for my cleaning Routine and planner printables.

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    Febreze supplies running low? Well fear not, as this DIY concoction using everyday fabric conditioner is just the thing to refresh your fabrics and leave them odour-free once more.

    Product perfect? Do you use one (or all) of the internet’s favourite cleaning products in your home?

    Which of these cleaning hacks will you follow?

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