Thinking of buying a new build? These 12 mistakes could cost you £5,000

What you can do to avoid them
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  • Purchasing a new build might seem like a fast track to getting your dream home. But research has revealed that building faults are turning dream homes into a new-build nightmare.

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    When you buy something new, you think it would be safe to assume that everything will be in perfect working order. Sadly, when it comes to a new build that couldn’t be further from the case.

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    Some new homeowners have reported finding between 100 and 400 faults in their spanking new ‘dream homes’. And, the number of customers reporting snags seems to only be on the rise.

    In 2015, 93 per cent of customers reported faults in their homes. While in 2018 this had increased to 99 per cent of new homeowners, according to the Home Builders Federation’s satisfaction surveys.

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    New research by My Tool Shed has revealed the 12 most common faults you should keep your eye out for:

    Most common new build nightmares

    1.Loose or cracked roof tiles

    2.Insecure or unstable walls, fences and gates

    3. Loose and cracked guttering and downpipes

    4. Loose or cracked brick and paintwork

    5. Unfinished or poorly laid driveway

    6. Insufficient garage insulation

    7. Poorly fitted door hinges and handles

    8. Cracked or poorly sealed window frames

    9. Uneven or loose staircase and bannisters

    10. Improperly fitted or functioning kitchen appliances and fittings

    11. Improperly fitted or functioning bathroom fittings and sealant

    12. Uneven or unfinished paint, wallpaper and tiles

    Each of these mistakes could cost a grand total of £5,000 to fix. So what can you do about them if you do spot a snag?

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    Before moving into a new build you should fill out a snagging survey. Snags are faults or defects in a new build that means it doesn’t look or work as it should.  This survey allows you to note down any repairs or alterations needs to the property before moving in.

    However, if you spot a building snag after moving in don’t panic. All new homes in the UK are covered by a free 10-year home warranty and insurance guarantee. This should cover any problems with construction or problems that do not meet the warranty provider’s technical requirements.

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    Avoid your own new build nightmare by keeping an eye out for these 12 common issues.

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