Latest Property Rich List reveals there are now 8,230 'million pound streets' in the UK (that's 23% MORE than last year)

London's Kensington Palace Gardens (affectionately dubbed the 'boulevard of billionaires') retains its title as the country's most expensive street, while Virginia Water in Surrey is revealed as Britain's most expensive town

At Housetohome we don't condone gambling, but we can't deny that the prospect of snapping up £28 million on tonight's EuroMillions is a somewhat tantalising prospect.

For a start, just think of all the truly fabulous cushions you could buy. And bedlinen... oh yes, only 1000 thread count will possibly do (actually make that silk), not to mention a deluxe bathtub hewn out of a single piece of Amazonian crystal (well, if it's good enough for Tamara Ecclestone)...

So imagine our dismay when we came across Zoopla's annual Property Rich List only to discover that a mind-boggling £28 million wouldn't even buy us a parking space on Britain's most expensive street, Kensington Palace Gardens in London.

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The price tag for an average home on 'Billionaire's Row', as it's unofficially dubbed, is an astonishing £36 million - that's more than 156 times the price of an average UK property.


Only last month we reported that Britain's second wealthiest man, billionaire oil tycoon Leonard Blavatnik who has a substantial home on the street, is currently immersed in a renovation project that could value his Grade II-listed Victorian property at a phenomenal £200 million, according to some high-end estate agents.

Just imagine the stamp duty!

Once Mr Blavatnik's extensive renovations are complete, the 13-bedroom, nine-bathroom property will feature a 25-metre swimming pool with indoor and outdoor sections, a gym, cinema and spacious wine cellar, as well as a multi-storey underground car park complete with a lift - perfect for all those high-profile guests...

palace with sash windows and trees

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But it seems that every self-respecting multi-million pound property has an underground spa and cinema these days.

We can't image Madonna's former home in her old stomping ground The Boltons was lacking any mod cons. Officially now Britain's second most expensive street, a home in The Boltons will set you back on average £23 million (that would leave £5 million for living expenses and shrewd investment if we win the EuroMillions... things are looking up!).

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But perhaps the most astonishing nugget to come out of the Rich List is the revelation that there are now 8,230 streets across the UK where the average price of a property is over £1 million - 23% more than last year. Or, in other words, Britain is home to 323,684 homes worth more than £1 million.

Unsurprisingly, 34% (2,789) of these million-pound streets are in London, including all of those in the top 20.

Outside London, celeb favourite Virginia Water in Surrey tops the list of Britain's most expensive towns. The leafy enclave, home to Bruce Forsyth and Eddie Jordan, has an average property value of £1,034,360 while nearby footballers' favourite Cobham comes in a respectable second place.

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Further afield, Altrincham, Poole and the ever-popular diamond of the north, Harrogate, were among those to feature on the list.

And if your numbers don't come up in tonight's draw? Well, console yourself with the fact that you're in good company. While 323,684 homes smashing the £1 million threshold may seem like a lot, it's still only 1.1% of all properties in Britain.

And then again, there's always Friday's draw to look foward to...

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