The first thing you must do after Storm Eunice to protect your home from further damage

A property and construction expert reveals the first thing you should check in the wake of a storm

Storm Eunice hit the UK on Friday, dubbed one of the most serious weather incidents to strike the UK in a decade. The storm saw record 122mph winds, causing destructions across the country, from power cuts and fallen trees to damaged buildings.

If you're still assessing the storm damage to your home after last nights extremely strong winds, a property and construction expert reveals the first thing you should do this morning to prevent any further damage to your home.

According to Thomas Goodman, property and construction expert at it is important to check your roof for debris. Even the smallest piece of debris could be a warning sign of more serious damage he warns.

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'The first thing homeowners should do after a storm is to check for visible debris on the roof,' warns Thomas Goodman. 'No matter how small, this can indicate larger impacts have happened during the storm.'

'A dented roof can cause larger water damage problems if unattended,' he explains. 'Clear any debris you can and if you can access it, inspect the roof shingles for damage.'

If you have home insurance, check the wording for what storm damage is covered. Tiles or slates dislodged, ridge or hip tiles missing and water damage inside your home are all typically covered so it is worth taking videos and photographs as you investigate any damage.

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Hopefully, by taking these steps quickly you'll be able to identify any problems early on before the damage can get worse and cause real issues for your home. If your home has been damaged The Association of British insurers recommends contacting your insurer as soon as possible:

'Contact your insurer as soon as possible. Most will have 24-hour emergency helplines to ensure you get advice on what to do and arrange repairs as quickly as is possible.'

Even if you have been unable to identify any damage to your roof yourself after the storm it is a good idea to get a professional to carry out a roof inspection. This can cost on average £250, while this might be steep, don't be tempted to opt for companies that offer free roof inspections. Tradesman experts Check-a-trade warns that companies offering free roof inspections can plan to recoup payment on costly roof repairs not offering a balanced and unbiased appraisal.

So before you start sipping your coffee this morning, be sure to take a look at your roof.

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