These are the weirdest house hunting stories we’ve ever heard

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  • They include couples getting frisky and people hiding under beds – have you ever experienced anything similar?!

    Thousands of Brits go on property viewings every single day to find their dream home, but house hunting isn’t always smooth sailing. Propertymark has compiled a list of some of the weirdest, strangest and outright creepiest things that have happened to people during house viewings. Prepare to be amused…

    ‘Strange Chloe’

    As one viewer was being shown around a rental flat by the landlord, things were going smoothly until they reached the bedroom. As they entered, a hand slowly emerged from under the bed, gesturing for the potential tenants to join them. The landlord’s response? “Not again, Chloe!”

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    Barking mad


    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    It’s not uncommon for a landlord to want to meet potential tenants to suss out whether they’re going to respect the property. But one renter was asked to prepare his dog for an interview with the landlord before he was allowed to take the property. We wonder what sort of questions they asked the poor pup!

    Simply batty

    While dogs and cats are firm favourites in the pet department, some people choose to keep slightly less conventional pets. A group of students viewing a property in Leeds saw there was a giant open cage in the corner of the living room.

    Unsure what lived in the cage, they continued the viewing until a giant, bat-like creature called a Sugar Glider swooped down on them from above. They got out of there fast!

    Heady tenants

    Another prospective tenant had to negotiate a contract while the current tenant was smoking a joint on the sofa. We hope they were still able to focus on ‘weeding’ the paperwork.

    Getting physical


    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    One house hunter got more than she bargained for when she walked in on the current tenants getting amorous in the bedroom during a viewing. The listing should probably have mentioned that the doors have no locks!

    Getting personal

    Propertymark says: ‘We always advise people to ‘depersonalise’ their homes before marketing them; it allows potential buyers to get an idea of how their belongings may fit into the property.’

    However this advice isn’t always taken. One viewer was faced with naked oil paintings of the owner on every wall in every room. There’s no unseeing that.

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    Adult play

    Kitchen Accessories

    Image credit: David Merewether

    This perspective buyer was very impressed with the house tour so far. Admiring the kitchen, they noticed what they thought was a large collection of condiment sets. Upon closer inspection, they noticed it was in fact a selection of, ahem, adult toys!

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