Zoopla reveals TV’s property hotspots

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  • Zoopla has ranked 2017’s best performing TV drama locations by property price growth

    It’s been a great year for British TV dramas with gripping storylines keeping viewers glued to their screens. Zoopla has looked to see if our love for a great drama has driven the same interest off screen, and reviewed property price rises in the locations where our most loved shows are set.

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    “There have been a number of great dramas set in some scenic locations across Britain this year. With the popularity of these TV dramas, we thought it would be interesting to see how properties in the much-loved TV locations have performed, and whether their new-found fame has impacted the local property market’s values,” says Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla.

    London’s Poplar, home of ‘Call The Midwife’, was the best performing TV drama location of 2017. Property prices in the area have grown by 3.89 per cent over the last year, compared to the national average of 2.64 per cent. Homes on the East London streets, which viewers regularly watch the sisters cycle down, are now valued at £562,777. So, what other cities made the made the list?

    Top performing TV drama locations

    1. Poplar, London – Call the Midwife

    Canary Wharf Poplar

    2. Birmingham – Peaky Blinders


    Image credit: Getty Images/mhforephotography

    3. West Bay, Dorset – Broadchurch 


    Image credit: Getty Images/Blackbeck

    4. Bodmin, Cornwall – Poldark


    Image credit: Getty Images/Nik Taylor

    5. Baker Street, London – Sherlock

    Baker Street London Sherlock Holmes Museum

    6. Buckingham Palace/St James, London – The Crown


    Image credit: Getty Images/borchee

    Birmingham, the setting of the epic gangster drama ‘Peaky Blinders’, comes second – properties here have seen a significant 3.64 per cent rise in value over the past 12 months.

    Dorset’s West Bay, home of crime drama ‘Broadchurch’, takes third place – up 3.16 per cent since last year. Moving across the South West to the brooding moors of Bodmin, where Captain Poldark resides, properties have seen a more modest increase of 1.79 per cent.

    In the capital, Sherlock’s flat would now cost 2.39 per cent less than last year, with average prices in Baker Street falling to £1,801,443. Fans of ‘The Crown’ could also snap up a royal residence for £52,409 less than in 2016, with properties in St James falling by 2.93 per cent to £1,738,536 – the worst performing TV location on the list.

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