Why the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show is a must-visit for any home renovator

Don't miss out on the chance to get hold of two free tickets to the show this June

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Knocking down internal walls is often at the top of the wishlist when renovating your home, but it's not as simple as just grabbing your sledgehammer. If only there was somewhere you could go that would have all the renovation ideas and expertise to let you know if you're getting it right. Well, there is.

You can make sure you get it right by discussing your plans with an expert at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show, which returns to Sandown Park, Surrey on 29 - 30 June 2024, and prepare to transform your home with 2 FREE tickets worth £24.

Check if you need a warrant

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Removing or altering internal walls isn’t usually a job that concerns the planners, although you will need to speak to a listed building's officer if the building is listed. You will, however, need to make a Building Standards application in most cases. You’ll also need to consult with a structural engineer. 

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to consulting a structural engineer you can speak to one at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show for more guidance on your project.

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Identify if it’s a load bearing wall

Some internal walls are fundamental to the structure of the house, whereas others simply divide up the interior space and are relatively straightforward to alter or remove. It’s key that you identify where a wall plays a structural role in your home. At the show, you will be able to meet builders & architects at the show who can help you to reconfigure the layout of your home.

Stone wall with white staircase

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Get the all-important layout right

Knocking down walls to create open-plan layouts bring many benefits, but there are a number of practical considerations to be made to ensure a successful scheme. Attend one of the many handy seminars at the show which will help you plan your project before you get started.

Whatever your project, get the tools and information you need to get started at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show. If you act quickly you'll be able to score two free tickets. For the amount of expertise and inspiration you'll be getting for those tickets this is a must-have deal for any home renovators to snap up. 

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