Modern Country Makes: How to make a log sign

We show you a few simple steps on making a unique log sign to decorate your home.

In this episode of Modern Country Makes we show you how to create a log sign.You will need - Log slice - Blackboard paint - Paint brush - Chalk pen - Hammer - Nails - TwineStep 1: Lay down newspaper and place your log slice on top. Use a small paint brush for neat edges. Paint a circle about 1cm away from the edge. Leave to dry before applying a second coat. Leave to dry.Step 2: Using a chalk pen start writing the message or sign you want on your log slice.Step 3: Once dry, turn over and, using a pencil, mark out where you want to hang the twine from your log sign.Step 4: Using a hammer insert nails into the back of the log slice and hang twine from the nails.This pretty sign is perfect as a door sign, for numbers or just as a nice little message.