Modern Country Makes: How to pretty up a flowerpot

We show you a few simple steps for bringing your old flower pots back to life with these funky ideas.

In this episode of Modern Country Makes we show you how to pretty up a flower pot

First, lay out all your materials.

To make this you will need:
- A flower pot
- A length of fabric
- A ruler
- Spray adhesive
- Scissors
- A pencil

Step 1 Measure the height and the widest part of the pot
Step 2 Measure your fabric: you need a rectangle 1.5 times the widest part of the pot, and the height of the pot plus 10cm.
Step 3 Cut this out, then roll the fabric around the pot to check that it fits.
Step 4 Remove the fabric then, in a well-ventilated space, spray the flower pot with adhesive
Step 5 Place the flower pot on its side on the edge of the fabric, then roll the fabric around it to form a cone shape
Step 6 Trim the excess fabric along the side and the bottom, leaving enough to fold a small amount underneath the pot. Make sure the drainage hole is left open.
Step 7 Trim a little excess from the top of the fabric, then make diagonal snips in the fabric to enable you to fold it into the top of the pot neatly.
Step 8 Spray some adhesive around the inside edge of the pot, then fold the fabric over to secure it. Et voila! Mix and match fabrics to create a pretty display.

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