Simple Solutions: Hot chocolate sticks

In this episode of Simple Solutions we show you how to make comforting hot chocolate sticks.

Start with 8oz of dark chocolate (70% coco solids). Melt slowly in a bowl sitting in a pan of simmering water.

Add 3 tbsp of cocoa
Add 6-8 tsp of icing sugar
Add tsp of cinnamon
Finally, add a pinch of sea salt or chilli

Pour into a piping bag and pipe into an ice cube tray.
Shake – it helps the chocolate mix to settle and removes any air bubbles.

Prettify lolly sticks with stamped letters and place into each ice cube.

Add marshmallows to the corners. Refrigerate for an hour until solid.

Serve by stiring into a cup of hot milk. Relax and enjoy.

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