How to make flowers last longer

We show you how to preserve your flowers for longer with a few secrets and cheats from florists.

Tip 1: Wash the vase with regular washing up liquid to ensure all bacteria is removed as this is fatal for your blooms

Tip 2: Trim the stems under water at an angle as this will allow them to absorb more water

Tip 3: Use special florist’s scissors or secateurs to ensure you don’t crush or damage the stems with blunt-ended scissors

Tip 4: Place them in lukewarm water for a few minutes to revive them before you create your bouquet

Tip 5: Remove leaves that lie below the water line to ensure the water stays cleaner for longer

Tip 6: Refresh the water every day for a fresh flower drink

Tip 7: Feed them with a glug of lemonade on day 1 – the more sugary, the better

Tip 8: When finding them a place in your home, ensure it is out of direct sunlight

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