How to declutter your wardrobe

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Are you overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’ in your wardrobe? If you are a fast-fashion shopaholic or a bit of a hoarder, every wardrobe needs a re-edit every now and again. We have the perfect tips for helping to control the clutter and create a more streamlined and fashion-forward wardrobe.

Declutter your wardrobe and create a clothing collection that is altogether more fabulous by following a few simple rules: Take everything out of your wardrobe and put clothing into piles based around the below categories:

–   Things you’’ve never worn, label intact!
–   Items that have not been worn for a year
–   Things you hope to wear again some day
–   Clothes that are uncomfortable
–   Items that are ill-fitting
–   Charity shop donations

When decluttering your wardrobe, be realistic about an item if it no longer fits. If it’’s new, why not sell it on eBay? Ot, it may be better off finding a new home via a charity shop. Beware about getting rid of vintage items, like your Aunt’’s 60s shift dress that you only wear once a year, as you may regret it later.

Clean your wardrobe, wiping down all surfaces with a damp cloth and sorting hangers into a good order and chucking out any broken or cheap wire ones. Give the wardrobe a good vacuum to rid it of any lurking fluff.

Store out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags to keep them immune from moths or dust, minimise creasing and to limit the storage space needed.

Put items you have chosen to keep back in the wardrobe, placing the items that are most frequently worn at the front. Make sure the hangers are facing the same way so your can grab things quickly. Create a shoe rack in your wardrobe to store footwear for the last phase of decluttering your wardrobe.

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