Tesco's designer-look modular sofa set is the star of its returning outdoor living range – and it's less than £300

It's a steal for small gardens

Tesco Florence modular outdoor sofa set on patio with cushions and decorations
(Image credit: Tesco)

Tesco has officially unveiled its new outdoor furniture and accessories range, just in time for the arrival of spring. Featuring everything from stylish outdoor furniture sets and lighting options, the range is filled with everything you may need to elevate outdoor entertaining this season.

Although Tesco has given us a wide range of what looks to us as some of the best garden furniture on the market right now, the standout piece that immediately caught our eye is the Florence Modular Sofa Set, sporting a £290 price tag.

We think its versatility will make it the perfect fit for those planning to entertain friends and family alfresco in a small garden, offering flexibility to suit however you may wish to arrange outdoor furniture for small garden socialising ahead of the Bank Holiday.

Tesco Florence Modular Sofa Set

The Tesco outdoor living range is something we always look forward to every year, but this launch is one that we're especially excited about. Some bestsellers are making their return to your local big Tesco aisle, including a bunch of gorgeous rattan bistro sets and statement outdoor cushions.

Last year's range featured the super chic-looking Havana Corner Sofa which we believed to be a contender as one of the best outdoor sofas out there, but we think this year's Florence Modular Sofa Set might be our newly-crowned favourite.

Designed with versatility in mind, the sofa can be adjusted to suit your available space and even comes complete with a matching table – perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or a boozy beverage later in the day.

Tesco Florence modular outdoor sofa set on patio with cushions and decorations

(Image credit: Tesco)

Sporting a rattan-inspired look, the modular sofa is quite neutral all around the board. Of course, you can keep it as is to achieve a quiet luxury garden vibe. But, if you ask us, we think its blank canvas makes it all the more inviting to accessorise with some colourful throws and cushions to spruce up an empty-looking patio.

At £290, we honestly think the Florence Modular Sofa Set is a pretty good garden furniture deal and the fact it comes complete with a table makes it an even sweeter deal to snap up.

If a modular sofa isn't quite your vibe, rest assured that there are lots of other outdoor furniture options to look through in the range including new string-back chairs, larger outdoor dining sets, and garden lighting bits that are equally as dreamy.

Blue and yellow string back outdoor chairs with side table and patterned rugs and cushions

(Image credit: Tesco)

Unfortunately, as it is Tesco, you'll have to go in-store to nab the big furniture pieces. Luckily, a selection of smaller accessories is currently available to shop at Tesco.com as well but for anything larger, popping to your big Tesco is your best bet.

Alternatively, if you'd rather skip the queues altogether or want to broaden your scope, here are a couple of other outdoor modular sofas to consider.

Shop outdoor modular sofa sets

After hearing all this, we've only got one question: when's our next trip to the big Tesco?

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