Expert reveals why you should never iron clothes before putting them away

That goes for steamers too

If you're using this time in lockdown to get your wardrobe in order, and store winter clothes, there is one thing you shouldn't be doing.

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Self-storage company, Space Station has revealed that if you want your winter clothes to look as good as new next season, step away from the iron.

How to store winter clothes

We know it's tempting to run an iron over your winter trousers and tops before folding them away, leaving them crisp and ready to wear next winter. However, your good ironing intention could be damaging your clothes.

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'If you're planning on storing your clothes away for the season, don't iron them before putting them away,' explains Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station. 'As tempting as it may be, heat can weaken the fabric fibres, making them prone to tears and rips when you take them out of storage.'

To safely store your winter clothes, first, make sure you have washed and dried them before packing them away.

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'It may seem obvious, but make sure you wash and dry your clothes before storing,' explains Vlatka. 'Perfume and deodorant can cause staining over time, so pop any clothes in the wash and make sure they are fully dry before you put them into storage.'

The next step is to carefully pack them away. Whether you are putting your clothes away in boxes or suitcases, try not to cram clothes in.

'Allow room for fabrics to breathe,' says Vlatka. 'For more delicate items, we recommend folding between sheets of acid-free tissue, which helps protect any delicate clothing that features beads, jewels or lace.'

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Try storing bulkier items such as coats and scarves in vacuum storage bags. If you can't get to the shops to pick one up, why not try this DIY vacuum storage bag hack from The Style Sisters.

Before zipping up or sellotaping any boxes and bags of clothes, pop in some mothballs or lavender sachets. These should help keep any moths or insects at bay while in storage.

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Follow these simple tricks and your clothes should still look good as new come next winter.

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