Millie Fender

Ecommerce Editor, Small Appliances

About me
Hi, I'm Millie Fender and I'm the small appliance editor at Ideal Home. As an e-commerce editor, my job is to test all the wackiest and best air fryers, bread makers, and even BBQs to give you my honest experience. All my testing is conducted from my own home, so when I put a product to use, I'm most likely to be getting the exact same experience that you'll get if you do decide to buy it.

After graduating from Durham University in 2019 (my degree was in Philosophy, but I spent most of my time working on the student newspaper) I started working at Future Publishing at a site called Top Ten Reviews. Not only did this teach me a thing or two about how to review products, but it also gave me a footing in news and feature writing. While at Top Ten Reviews I realised that homes journalism was what I wanted to pursue, so I reached out to the Real Homes team and started working with them on a few of their projects. When a job opened up on the e-commerce team, I jumped at the chance!

After Future acquired TI Media, I was able to start working on Ideal Home to bring you my top picks of everything from kettles and toasters to waffle makers and multi-cookers. My hobbies include reading, knitting, and (surprise surprise) cooking up delicious meals in the kitchen.
My specialist subjects
My love of cooking goes way back. I think the first 'grown up' recipe I mastered was a risotto, but my grandma had me cooking victoria sponges and shortbread long before then. To me, the kitchen is absolutely the most important room of the house, and I've got a love of anything that can not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space, but also transform the way you cook and eat.

I'm lucky to have a real foodie for a partner, so while the reviews are written by me, he loves weighing in with his thoughts on everything from frying pans to blenders.

I despise waste. Wasted food, single-use plastic, and unnecessarily large boxes all get a big thumbs down from me. As I think we all shift to a more sustainability-focused way of evaluating our buying habits, I am also trying to shine a light on products that help you make the most of your weekly shop. Anything I keep after reviews will either end up in my own home, at a friend's or family members', or down at my local British Heart Foundation.
My Ideal Home
I'm currently renting a two-bed flat in South London with heaps of natural light and a cracking view. Less ideal is the fact that it's on the top floor, so I've struck up an apologetic friendship with the poor delivery drivers who drop off samples for testing. We have a separate kitchen (a must when it's essentially your office) and enough storage to keep my various boxes stowed away when I'm reviewing.

When I am able to buy a place, I would love something with a spacious garden for alfresco dining and barbecues galore. I've got a penchant for homes with character, so my dream would be to buy an old cottage. I love to knit, so next on my shopping list is a big cozy knitting armchair where I can sit with a cup of tea.
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