Seven steps to a sleep sanctuary – redecorate your way to a better night’s rest

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Few things are more restorative for mind and body than a good night’s sleep. Yet getting the recommended seven to nine hours of shut eye can be tricky as we struggle to wind down from the challenges of the day. Not to mention being interrupted by anything from our partner snoring to the ping of an email alert on our smartphones.

There are lots of measures you can take to address your broken sleep. Like keeping a sleep diary or getting into a better bedtime routine. But in our view, nothing tops creating an irresistible sleep sanctuary that you’ll find every excuse to retreat to as soon as the sun goes down.

When it comes to crafting your cosy cocoon, Argos has everything you need. It’s an authority on that essential element of unbroken sleep – the mattress – offering five-star rated mattress brands, tailored mattresses from sleep gurus Silentnight, Dormeo and Tempur, and a 100-day night comfort promise.

Then there are beautiful bed frames and divans for every style of home – including cool and classic designs for kids. And to top it all off, you can dress your bed in the most luxurious hotel-standard linens.

Discover what’s possible… and begin your journey to better sleep right here.

1. Start with your mattress

It’s estimated that we spend 16 years of our lives in bed, which quite frankly puts a lot of pressure on our choice of mattress. Treat it as an afterthought and you’re asking for trouble, not to mention potential back problems and sleepless nights.

At Argos, there’s a mattress for every style of sleeper, from brands you know and trust. Each one is delivered to your door, with same-day options available on many designs. You can even have your old mattress taken away and recycled, so you won’t even feel restless over ditching it.

The Silentnight Eco Comfort Breathe 2000 Pillowtop Double Matt, £599, is ideal if you get hot at night. Or try the King-size version, £699. There’s also the Silentnight Studio 2 Gel Mattress, £519 for a Kingsize, which has a cooling gel inside to relieve your body from head to toe.

Silentnight Middleton 800 Pocket Memory Double Mattress, £309 for a double, is pocket sprung with a medium firm feel. You’ll feel supported, but there’s a layer of memory foam to sink into for supremely comfortable snoozing.

Or if you want a mattress that you won’t lose sleep over when it comes to the environment, try the Silentnight Knightly 2000 Pocket Luxury Kingsize Mattress, £699. Offering the same medium-firm support, it’s made from sustainable fibres.

A good mattress isn’t just for grown-ups, either, which is why the Argos range includes anti-allergy mattresses and those that offer great support for your child as they grow, from brands like Jay-Be, and Silentnight.

We know it’s going to take more than a quick lie down to determine if you and your mattress are made for each other. That’s why Argos offers a 100-day night comfort promise, so if you’re not the perfect match, you can switch up to something more comfy, stress free.

Top tip: If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll generally be looking for a softer mattress that allows your spine to rest in its most natural position. Sleep on your back, and you’ll need a medium-firm mattress that offers support for your lower spine.

2. Pick beautiful bedroom furniture


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There’s nothing wrong with taking a ‘princess and the pea’ approach to picking the perfect bed. Because when it comes to late nights propped up with a good book, Sunday morning snuggle-a-thons with the family, and all the sleep in between, comfort is optimal.

Head to Argos and you’ll find a truly exceptional range of beds, from modern four posters for your contemporary ‘castle’ to Shaker-style wooden frames, ideal for a rustic country pile, to  luxurious upholstered numbers in inviting shades of rose pink, teal blue and aptly-named ‘Marshmallow’ green. Their smart styling makes them perennial Instagram favourites, and we’re big fans at Ideal Home.

Plus, because sizes range from single to super king, you can pick the style you love without having to compromise due to the dimensions or layout of your bedroom.

A squishy upholstered headboard should be top of your list if you love to lie in with the papers or a box set, offering extra back support for you, and a place to prop up pillows. For something beautiful on a budget, meanwhile, try a statement metal frame in on-trend back.

Mix or match your choice with easy-on-the-eye wardrobes and drawers that keep clothes organised behind closed doors. With everything tidied away, that’s one less thing to worry about as you drift off.

Top tip: Run out of wardrobe space? Pick a bed with storage drawers to keep the clutter at bay, so you’re not distracted by clutter as you drift off.

Silentnight Knightly 2000 Memory Double 2 Drawer Divan Bed, £899, Argos, is a smart divan with drawers underneath to hide clutter. Or try Silentnight Hatfield Memory Foam 4 Drawer Divan, £509 for a double.

3. Soothe yourself with restful scents


Image credit: Argos

While how your bedroom looks and feels is a big part of creating your sleep sanctuary, how it smells can also impact your sleep.

Surround yourself with restful scents like lavender, vanilla and bergamot – all proven to aid relaxation and promote calm thoughts – courtesy of Argos’ range of home fragrances.

Top tip: Take the stress out of scenting your home with reed diffusers. Unlike candles, you won’t have to worry about blowing them out before you fall asleep!

4. Get the lighting just right

If you like to get to bed early… or rise late, use black out blinds or curtains to stop light from permeating your bedroom. We love Habitat Blackout Fully Lined Pencil Pleat Curtains in Blush, from £40. Not only are they among the pretties black-out curtains around, they are fully lined to keep your room cosy.

Alternatively, if you get up before dawn, a wake-up light that mimics sun rise will provide a natural and better way to rouse you from your slumber. The Philips Hue Go 2 Colour Portable Smart Light with Bluetooth, £69.99, is a plug and play option that’s made for bedside tables and can provide cool energising daylight wake-ups, as well as a relaxing night light. 

So, too, does the Beurer WL75 Wake Up Light with App, £120, which simulates sunrise and sunset, and provides a soundtrack to your sleep. For a more affordable option that can perform sunrise alarm duties, try the Lumie Sunrise Alarm, £39.99.

Smart lighting you can control with an app is another must in a bedroom. Systems like Hive and Philips Hue allow you to dim or switch off central lights without having to get out of bed. You can also set lights on a timer, so you can set them to go off when you know it’s time to put down that book and doze off.

Top tip: Phones and tablets can emit the ‘blue light’ shown in some studies to suppress the production of melatonin. Either switch off your devices at least 30 minutes before bed, or pop them into night mode to counteract this.

Remember to dim your bedroom lights, too. Philips Hue GU10 Colour Smart Bulbs with Bluetooth, £84.99, can be turned on, off or dimmed from your phone.You can even set them to a relaxing colour, such as a red tone that simulated candlelight. 

For your little one’s room, try the Philips Hue V2 Indoor Dimmer Switch, £17.99. This retrofit option sticks to the wall and can be used to dim any smart bulb, rather than you having to reach for your phone. 

5. Make bedtime an adventure


Image credit: Argos

The simple promise of a bedtime story might be enough to coax your little ones ‘off to Bedfordshire’. But why not turn the experience into an unforgettable adventure with a bed that stimulates your child’s imagination for sweeter dreams all round?

You’ll find a fun and fabulous range of children’s beds at Argos – including this cool cabin bed that can act as a fort, castle, ship or play house. There are also bunk beds for sharing siblings, storage beds to keep order in a small bedroom, and high sleepers with desk space below.

Finish things off with fun accessories like the Sensory Ball Light, £10, ideal beside a bedside to keep little ones calm and relaxed. It’s a glitter ball by day, and a magical night light after dark.

Top tip: When shopping for a new bed for young children, remember to add a mattress protector to your list, to preserve the mattress for longer.

6. Surround yourself with luxury

When it comes to comfort, one place not to compromise is your bed linen. Look for breathable cool cottons that will keep you feeling fresh on even the warmest night, fine Egyptian cottons that feel fabulous against the skin, or easy-care fabrics that dry and iron quickly, for minimal maintenance.

Put thought into your finishes, too. Argos offers a wide selection of these – brushed and fleece bedding that has that super snuggly feel on cold nights, smart and stylish jacquard and waffle bedding, and even embellished and pin-tuck covets, pillowcases and sheets for the ultimate in glamour.

Top tip: Never over-dry your sheets. It’s best to take them out of a tumble dryer when they are still a little damp and air dry them on a rack. Over-drying can make your sheets brittle, losing that luxurious feel. You might also notice them fade over time.

Sweet dreams….


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