10 incredible single colour rooms

Live the rainbow with these bold Livingetc rooms decorated in just one colour

Rooms decorated with one shade are a bold and fun way to make a statement in your home. We all have a favourite colour, but when it comes to decorating having a whole space in one colour can seem like an intimidating prospect.

There's a simple styling trick that will let you work in mono with ease - break up the colour with whites and neutral shades so you can bring in patterns, texture and add depth to the room without distracting from the impact. Voila! A single colour room you'll love to live in.

living room with wooden flooring and blue armchair

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The bright turquoise of the above living room creates a vibrant space to relax in. The solid turquoise curtains, colourful modern chair and vase are pulled together by the graphic patterned rug which mixes white with the exact turquoise shade that matches the room.

living room with wooden flooring and printed blue walls

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Got the blues? We certainly have. This rich blue living room mixes in touches of white as well as vibrant patterns with its colour of choice - the use of just a single shade stops the pattern from overwhelming.

living room with green walls and sofaset with cushions

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Time to move to Emerald City - the jewel-like colours in this green living room are highlighted with a malachite patterned cushion and chunks of precious stone used as ornaments.

living room with printed yellow walls

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Bring some sunshine indoors with the happiest of colours. A yellow living room will bring cheer to your house on even the greyest of days - sitting in this bright modern armchair is like a joyful embrace.

dining room with wooden flooring and orange wall

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To create beautiful orange room, mix in warm coloured woods to work with the richness of the colour. This orange dining room brings in pops of dolour with the orange furniture, walls and glowing copper pendant light and accents them with natural shades.

bedroom with red wall and bed with pillows

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Lashings of colour in this red bedroom mix with detailed patterns for an exotic feel. The red patterned wallpaper, bright scarlet curtains and red and white textiles are highlighted with strategically placed, subtle white accents which make the colour even more vivid.

living room with wooden flooring and sofaset with cushions

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A grown-up baby pink palette is all about adding in dusky shades alongside the bubblegum colour pop. This pink living room mixes playful shapes like the spherical pink chair with elegant lines and classic textiles, for the most contemporary of pastel rooms.

bedroom with photoframe on wall and bed with pillows

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You won't get sweeter dreams than in this sugary pale purple bedroom. Delicate lilacs and plum fabrics are layered on the bed and the fairytale patterned cushion and throw creating a magical, down-the-rabbit-hole feel.

living room with purple walls and sofaset with cushions

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Deep coloured spaces such as this purple living room work wonderfully with rich fabrics like this purple velvet sofa. Black and white accents are used to accentuate the middling tones of the shade for a beautiful balanced se of colour.

bathroom with printed blue walls and tiled flooring

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Pale blue

Pale blue is a great colour for bathrooms as it evokes a feeling of cleanliness. This light blue bathroom is coated in a bright, water patterned wallpaper for the freshest of looks.

If your favourite isn't on our list, visit Valspar.co.uk to create your favourite shade.