5 ways to be a genius with geometrics

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  • Geometrics can be used in any room and here's how

    Decorating with geometrics doesn’t have to mean you can only choose one pattern. You also don’t have to restrict it to one room. From your dining room entertaining, to your chill out zone, geometrics can be used to create any mood desired and mixed with other patterns and fabrics to show off your ecclectic personality. Figure out how to do it well with our top five tips.

    Go all out for impact

    Using variations of the same pattern across large surface areas really creates impact. Try to establish a scheme like this monochrome effect and use a similar pattern in different sizes like this 3-D print used across the walls with a smaller pattern reflected on the tablecloth. Using one other colour in the scheme, like the red chairs, helps bring a bit of life and warmth to the room.

    Use furry friends to add glamour

    A Leopard never changes its spots – and why should it? Using spots against other geometric patterns gives a fun and quirky feeling. Choose furniture with contrasting patterns in neutral tones so as not to overwhelm the room. Adding faux fur throws and rugs will bring a glamorous animalistic feel.

    Get creative with storage

    Once you’ve chosen your whaky wallpaper, why stop at the walls? Choose a similar pattern, perhaps scaled down, inside display cabinets to give a 3-D effect and make your accessories shine. Figurative lamps add an element of fun and interest.

    Incorporate calming curves

    To help ground a high-flying scheme, bring things back down to earth with cool neutrals and calming curves. Geometrics can be just as powerful in calmer tones and using circular furniture like this bubble chair adds to a more chilled out feeling. We can just imagine curling up with a cuppa!

    Max out colour for kids

    Shifting patterns and bold stripes whip up a crazy, carnival atmosphere in your little one’s domain. Candy colours and mixing a multitude of geometrics will make sure the kids never get bored. Use circus themed accessories for a truly magical bed-time.

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