6 ways to give your home a rock ‘n’ roll vibe

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  • Take inspiration from this UK-punk meets LA-cool pad and give your home a rock ‘n’ roll twist

    1 Add some tattoo art
    Always cool, tattoo art gives an edge to the white walls of the living room. But paired with a vintage Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman, reupholstered in white leather, it says sophisticated style rather than anarchic grunge look!

    2 Mix it up in the living room
    The bones of the room are classic white walls meet wood flooring yet the space is anything but! Iconic art – David Bowie with Mick Ronson (photographed by Mick Rock) – hangs over the original tiled fireplace and a God Save the Queen punk print (by Jamie Reid) looks over an iconic Bubble Chair, with a guitar propped in a corner for good measure.

    3 Create a cool study
    ‘Why have a door when you can have a wow circular entrance?’ asks the owner, whose inspiration came from something she saw in a movie. She designed a free-flowing office space that captures the essence of California cool. A zingy lime desk and cleverly curated accessories carry on the LA vibe.

    4 Go decadent in the dining room
    ‘I don’t like anything too perfect,’ says the owner, ‘it has to feel a little destroyed and lived in,’ she adds, pointing out the wear and tear of the dining chairs, the by-product of the family’s cats protesting when she brought home a new dog.
    When the table top became worn she painted it in colours to match the Jamie Reid print (in the living room) I figured if I messed it up, it wouldn’t look any worse than it already did,’ she says.

    5 Make a statement in the bedroom
    Reflecting on the ‘Life is Not Measured by the Breaths We Take’ wall decal is a great way to start the day, says the owner. That, and waking up to the Union Jack she painted on what was a plain white bed head, to remind her of growing up in the UK. ‘It means I feel less homesick.’

    6 Pimp up the garden
    Although it’s just a patio plot, the owner uses the garden year round. ‘I’ve made it weatherproof with panels of waterproofed corrugated plastic – so that if rains, we can still sit outside,’ she says. Fun accessories are key, like a pair of pretty flamingos, to reflect the inside

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