7 ways to make large spaces feel cosy for autumn

You can make even the grandest of rooms feel homely

A big, cavernous space can feel just as oppressive as a small, cramped one. Here's how to make large spaces feel cosy in time for autumn.

Find your focal point

kitchen with chair and carpet

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For large, open-plan rooms, start by deciding where the focal point will be. Once you've found it, you can build up seating areas and zones around this.

 Go dark

bedroom with navy blue walls and window

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Dark colours are perfect for making larger spaces feel more manageable. Clever lighting and use of texture will help to create a cosy space.

 It's all about proportion

living room with flower vase and couch

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Big open spaces call for large sofas and oversized pieces, such as vases, to fill them up.

 Fill your walls

navy blue walls with curtains and frames

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Empty wall space can make a room feel cold and sterile. Hang colourful artwork and mirrors to bring life and warmth to walls.

Don't be too formal

upholstered chairs with wooden flooring

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Be bold and bring colour and texture into large spaces with vibrant fabrics, rugs and upholstered chairs.

 Green fingers

wooden flooring with couch

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Strategically placed potted plants will fill the vertical height in a room or those lonely corners.

 Warm up
Accents of wood, whether it's stools or tables, will make large open-plan kitchens feel warm and cosy.