Bring the Wild West into your home with Sainsbury's

The log-cabin look is bang on trend and it's very easy to pull off with the fabulous new Wilderness collection by Sainsbury's

bedroom with bed cushions and trophy head wall mount

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The tall grass prairies, dusty deserts and rugged romance of the Old West are the inspiration behind one of this season's hottest home decorating trends. With its mix of earthy colours, natural materials and relaxed approach to living, the Wilderness look is perfect to update your home for the autumn and turn it into a warm, welcoming haven. And achieving this rustic style couldn't be easier with Sainsbury's latest homeware collection.

The company's twelve in-house designers scour the world to find inspiration and, this year, their new Wilderness range is packed full with soft furnishings, lighting, ceramics and wall art in Old West style.

Whether you choose to add a few Western touches or opt for the full log-cabin treatment, wood, copper, leather and faux fur are your go-to materials. Just mix and match bar stools, sofas and armchairs with faux-leather trunks, copper lamps and homely wooden tables.

Dress up your furniture with throws and blankets in earthy shades of rust, red and burnt orange, and scatter some knitted or faux fur cushions in neutral tones.

Copper or terracotta bowls are perfect to add colour to side cabinets, while camping lanterns add a Vintage Americana touch.

For an instant Wild West feel, you can also borrow themes from Western culture. Choose nature scenes for cushions and posters, layer Native American and lumberjack-check fabrics in your bedroom and bathroom, and mount groupings of trophy heads on your living room walls. The Sainsbury's range has some fabulous stylised heads for a modern take on this Wilderness classic.

trophy head wall mount in bedroom wall

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Tribal print, faux fur or animal skin rugs are perfect to finish off this look and give your home a warm, inviting feel.

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