Ridiculously pleasing colour coordinated rooms to swoon over

Enjoy these colour coordinated rooms that will have you mixing lemon alongside pineapple with precision

Everyone lusts after that perfectly coordinated room where rainbow walls and bright furniture work harmoniously (without looking like a child's crèche!).

Well, we have the answer with these colour spectrum inspirations that balance emerald and milky green alongside one another - call it feng shui for colours.

Enjoy defying the laws of colour coordination and smothering your home in bright bursts of perfectly positioned hues...

Royally red

dining room with dining table with talia red dining chairs and navy walls

(Image credit: TBC)

Talia red dining chairs, £95 each, Habitat.

Red can be a little overwhelming for a room. Scarlett successfully steals the show in this dining room, despite the walls being navy. Coordinated furniture and bespoke accessories add theatre thanks to their perfect colour alignment.

Plush purple

living room with couch with cushions and plush purple walls

(Image credit: TBC)

For a similar paint shade, try Mambo matt emulsion, Little Greene at Designer Paints.

Purple breeds royal, magical and mysterious looks thanks to its rich spectral colour. This statement room positions the purples alongside fellow punches that are only one shade different along the spectrum. The result is a colourful room that compliments and doesn't clash.

Rainbow ripples

penguin library wallpaper with armchair with cushion

(Image credit: TBC)

Penguin Library wallpaper, £73 a roll, Osborne & Little at WallpaperDirect.

Well they say you'll find gold at the end of the rainbow and this room's scheme is certainly a treasure! The bright wallpaper is complemented by roughly matching the same multi colours in the armchair.

Orange overload

dining room with charlottes locks paint and dining chairs in orange

(Image credit: TBC)

Charlotte's Locks paint, £39.49 for 2.5 litres matt emulsion, Farrow & Ball at Homebase. For designer dining chairs in orange, try Amara.

The iridescent, lacquered wall certainly does the talking in this dining room. To complement the feature wall, yet not take away from it, dusky orange chairs and a patterned blind sit alongside plain white features and a subtle, honey oak table that all sit loosely in the same colour wheel.

Pretty in pink

bedroom with bed with cushions chair and pink blinds

(Image credit: TBC)

For similar pink blinds, try Dunelm. For similar paint, try Farrow & Ball at Homebase.

A perfectly coordinated pink room is a tricky one to pull off without looking like a suite suitable for Peppa Pig. By picking out particular fuchsia elements of the statement hardboard and incorporating them in the accents, this room works around one patterned feature.

Green with envy

living room with sofa and shade of green paint

(Image credit: TBC)

To find just the right shade of green paint, try Little Greene at Designer Paints.

Only with perfect pigment alignment can you work different shades of green in one - small - room. This room balances lime walls alongside olive accents and rich emerald textiles by allowing large white and black features to break the colour wheel up - and we are green with envy.

Turquoise twirls

floor painted in cooks blue and strong white

(Image credit: TBC)

Floor painted in Cook's Blue and Strong White, £58.99 for 2.5 litres floor paint, Farrow & Ball at Homebase.

Turquoise adds an ocean, easy breezy feel to this dining room. Again, this elegant design works around a statement - the tablecloth - and pulls in features to complement it. The checkerboard floor and grand curtains also add to the period drama of the house.

Hello yellow

living room with mustard yellow wallpaper sofa set with cushions and coffee table

(Image credit: TBC)

For a similar mustard-yellow wallpaper, try WallpaperDirect.

If a sunshine room is a little too much for you all year round, then opt for yellow's sister colour, mustard, as your main hue. Beyond the spicy colour, mix elements of lemon with dandelion and whiskey woods to create a room that pleases everyone's eye.

Heather Young

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