Cover ceiling cracks and stains in one easy step!

Polycell's new flexible ceiling paint permanently covers annoying cracks and stains

room painting with paint roller
(Image credit: TBC)

Fed up of looking at cracks and stains in the ceiling, but don't know how to cover them up without major hassle?  Help is at hand from Polycell – its new Crack Free Ceilings
paint does exactly that in one easy application.

Polycell Crack Free Ceilings has been formulated to permanently cover both stains - such as water and nicotine – and cracks up to 5mm wide.  It also dries to a pristine Pure Brilliant White finish, so you don’t need to worry about painting over it with an emulsion afterwards. 

Polycell Crack Free Ceilings is surface dry in 2-3 hours and can be used on plaster, plasterboard and masonry.  Available in a Matt or Silk finish in Pure Brilliant White, it costs £14.69 for 2.5 litre tub and £24.49 for 5 litre tub.

For practical advice on choosing and using Polycell products, call the helpline on 0870 444 111 or visit