9 creative ways to make the most of empty jars

From terrariums to tea light holders, we share the best ways to repurpose this country staple…

1 Made by hand

Make your homemade food gifts extra special by presenting them in jars decorated with colourful ribbon and handwritten labels; from preserves and sauces to pretty layered baking mixes.

layered baking mixing in glass jar with ribbon and white background

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2 Neat and tidy

open kitchen storage shelf with white wall and glass jar

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Looking for an easy and affordable way to keep bits and bobs organised? Screw a jar lid to the underside of a shelf for a handy storage solution that's both practical and pretty.

3 Vintage vases

glass vase with white flower and wooden flooring

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Add a decorative touch to bare shelves and sills by wrapping jars with twine or lace and securing loose ends with glue.
Fill with bunches of wildflowers for a rustic vintage look.

4 Sew sweet

sewing kit with glass jar and thread spools

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Who needs a hefty sewing box when you can craft a cute compact kit instead, complete with built-in pincushion on top!
It's so simple to do; place a bundle of wadding on the lid and cover with fabric, then glue into place.

5 Soft glow

Create an elegant display at an outdoor get-together by popping tea lights into different coloured glass jars – a lovely table décor idea for a country wedding, too.

blue glass jar with candle glass jar

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6 Pretty pastels

Painting the inside of mason jars in coordinating pastel shades is a quick and easy way to add a splash of colour to neutral rooms – particularly when filled with seasonal flowers.

white vase with flower white wall

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7 House garden

Bring the outdoors in by creating stylish terrariums filled with easy-to-care for plants and lush succulents.

lush succulent with glass jar and cream wall

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8 Label with love

Not exactly a repurpose, but a quirky update instead! Adding chalkboard labels to different sized jars puts a modern twist on a traditional pantry display – perfect for contemporary country kitchens.

kitchen glass jar with white wall and book shelves

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9 Shake up

Quirky and fun, these DIY snow globes are perfect for the holiday season. To make, glue festive figurines to the underside of the lid and leave to dry. Pour glitter into the jar and fill with water, before securing the lid on tightly.

lid glass jar with glitter candle and ribbon

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