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    Everyone loves a good DIY project, but no one ever seems to get round to those nitty gritty redecorating bores. We’re talking painstakingly rewiring the lights for one dark corner and retiling parts of the shower cubicle after a couple of chips.

    Well, with these super easy home hacks and crafty little cheats, you can skip the hard work and go straight to the finish line. Finally, the secrets are revealed and now you can fix those annoying little jobs without the fuss.

    Install new kitchen cupboard lighting

    Wiring cables and installing lights can be tricky (and expensive) so if you have a dark corner or need extra light under kitchen cupboards, then head to your local DIY store and buy some battery-operated lights. Now available in a range of smart designs, these can then be secured with double-sided sticky tabs.

    Sort that slipping rug

    Rugs that slip and slide are irritating and impractical. New, deluxe rugs are now backed in a material that stop this problem, but we have a quick fix for your oldie that won’t break the bank – adhesive corner strips or acrylic-latex caulk will solve all your slippage problems.

    Freshen up the grouting

    Re-colouring your grout is the perfect way to add a fresh dose of sparkle to your tiles without the faff. Simple grout colour pens are available online and at DIY stores and can be painted over the old stuff to make it look brand new.

    Brighten your dark wardrobe

    Wardrobes can be dark and finding things in the early hours of the morning is a challenge, even for those who eat their carrots. By adding some dainty fairy lights around the outside you have a small source of light instead of sorting complicated wiring or moving the wardrobe completely.

    Fill in tile chips

    Fed up of those tile chips that stand out like a sore thumb? Don’t worry, you don’t need to retile or redecorate the entire bathroom, simply buy a nail vanish in a matching shade. By filling in the chip in this high gloss paint, you’ll never see the difference amongst a mosaic of glistening tiles.

    Cover up wooden flaws

    Have pets scratched at wooden chair legs? Has the table been damaged when moving house? Are floorboards chipped from kids playing ball inside? Wood ‘touch up’ pens are available in a range of colours and will help cover these little dinks and chips.

    Hang your spices

    It’s time to banish annoying little jars that take up tonnes of room in the cupboard or line the entire worktop. By hanging a slim stick of magnetic material on the underside of a shelf, or mid-wall, you can hang your spice pots out the way and find them easily whilst creating an eye-catching addition to the kitchen.

    Use a ladder to hang towels

    A ladder can make a perfect storage unit for towels in the bathroom. Consider re-purposing an old ladder for which you no longer have any use. A coat of paint or vanish can transform it in an instant.

    Turn a teapot or milk jug into a vase

    Turn your unused teapot into a pretty planter with a little bit of upcycling. Its voluptuous shape makes it ideal for your houseplants. Simply add drainage holes to the bottom and you’re ready to go.


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