Design your own stationery inspired by spring

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  • Take your cue from the countryside in spring and craft pretty leaf-print stationery

    Boxes, twine, paint and scissors, from a selection, Hobbycraft. Navy
    rattail satin cord, £1.50 for 5m, The Bead Shop. Washi tape, from a
    selection, Papermash. Blue fabric, similar from Designers Guild.

    Fresh green leaves appearing on trees and shrubs bring new life to our gardens and woodlands and are a sure sign that spring has sprung. Inspired by nature and the shiny new season, design your own country-style stationery by pressing leaves. Stick to the same vibrant palette of greens for a co-ordinated look on wrapping paper, tags and cards and add an extra special personal touch to gifts and notes.

    You will need:

    • A selection of freshly gathered leaves
    • Scissors
    • Plain card
    • Wallpaper lining
    • Stencil brush
    • Stencil paint
    • Wallpaper roller
    • Masking tape
    • Hole puncher
    • Twine

    Step one

    Head out to the countryside and forage for leaves with nice shapes, making sure they are clean and dry.

    Step two

    Cut and fold plain card to make greetings cards and gift tags. Use a roll of wallpaper lining for the gift wrap. Practise your printing technique a few times before starting. Lay a leaf, right side up on a piece of scrap paper. Working quickly, use a stencil brush to apply green stencil paint over the entire surface, stippling from the centre out to the edge.

    Step three

    Place the leaf face down on the surface you want to print on. (To create a plain border around a gift card, use masking tape to screen off the edges before applying the painted leaves. Remove once the paint is dry.) Place a square of kitchen paper over the top of the leaf and roll across the back of the leaf evenly with a wallpaper roller or rolling pin. Remove the kitchen paper and peel off the leaf.

    Step four

    Continue in the same way to complete your design then leave to dry. Punch holes in the gift tags and thread with green twine. To vary the designs, you could cut printed leaves into their natural shape to use as tags.

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