George Clarke's guide to an energy-efficient home

The Restoration Man shares his top eco tips at the Ideal Home Show

eco home with white wall and arm chair with flower vase on table
(Image credit: George Clarke)

Looking to make your home more energy-efficient?

We headed to the Ideal Home Show to quiz George Clarke, star of Channel 4's The Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces for his top tips on making your home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient - helping the environment and your bank balance in the process.

George is a passionate and creative architect, and has a true talent for designing beautiful buildings.

His work has changed the lives of people who live and work in them, so who better for us to speak to about costing saving and eco tips at home?

In our exclusive video, The Restoration Man talks to us about new and exciting eco trends, alongside practical ideas for making your home more green - with easy and realistic ideas whatever your house size and budget.

George also covers boilers, and ways to save money on your heating at home.,AAAAAfPRcgk%2E,gqUyT1d58wbazUyNaA_9Kd16Zt-qBa4D&bctid=74577755001

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