Botanical blooms: 5 of the best artificial house plants

Add colour, style and an artistic flourish to your home with artificial house plants.

The potted house plant is making a comeback, nodding to this season's botanical trend and adding colour, style and an artistic flourish to interiors. But should you lack the abundance of light, time and patience that is required to care for these plants, there is a selection of artificial options that are every bit as stylish. Here are five of our favourite...

1. Indoors garden

Potted house plants not only make a great addition to a desk or dining space, but can be used together in a large group to create a mini indoor garden. Using stools, trestle tables and differently sized vases will give variation in height and allow you to present your plants in the most flattering composition. Mixing species of plants will also add to the natural, garden-like effect; above, Mia Fleur pairs green mother-in-law's-tongue (£28.00 per plant) with a joyfully bright Peony and Amaranthus arrangement (£29.00).

room with blue walls plant in white pot and flower in vase

(Image credit: TBC)

2. Lavish Lavender

artificial levender flowers in black pots

(Image credit: TBC)

For a quintessentially English look, fill your home with pretty lavender plants. Although they lack the heavenly aroma, these artificial pots from OKA will last you all year round, bringing freshness and colour to your home month after month. Use en masse for a striking display. (Artificial Lavender Flower in Pot £12.00 each)

3. Kitchen accessories

glass bowl black tray and wooden board on table

(Image credit: Unknown)

Create the impression of a master chef at work by placing these faux potted herbs from Ikea in your kitchen. Even if your cooking skills leave a lot to be desired (and your herbs are shop-brought rather than home-grown), no-one will ever know thanks to these convincing little plants. For a rustic but modern look, team with Ikea's silver Socker planters (£0.95 each).

4. Elegant touches

living room with white sofaset and mirror with white frame

(Image credit: TBC)

Take a leaf out of Bloom's book (excuse the pun) and use carefully positioned house plants to uplift and invigorate a neutral scheme. As a leading supplier of exquisite, life-like silk flowers, Bloom's products are subtle and well-made. This British Native Fern (front, £25.00) will bring a touch of elegance to an interior, and won't perish at the first hint of central heating.

5. Tropical tastes

room with grey wall plant in black vase and wooden table

(Image credit: TBC)

Choosing artificial plants allows you to opt for lush, exotic and tropical species. From succulents to foliage buds and jungle-esque palms, Abigail Ahern's faux range has all options covered. Tapping into the current hot-house trend, this Desert Star Stem (second from left, £14.50) makes a bold botanical statement, bringing a flash of colour to a dark and atmospheric scheme.

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