How to cover a seat pad

The latest do-it-yourself project from Country Homes & Interiors

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(Image credit: TBC)

Learn how to make a slip-on cover for a seat pad. For more Country Homes & Interiors craft projects click here.


You will need

  • Main fabric (we used Montacute, ref NCF4050/02, £54 a metre, Nina Campbell at Osborne & Little)
  • 43cm-square seat pad (we used Neptune Havana seat pad, 43cm square, £29.50, John Lewis)
  • Sew-on hook and loop fastener
  • Matching thread
  • Tacking thread

seat pad cover

(Image credit: TBC)

Illustration Michael A Hill

1) Cut two 47cm by 51cm rectangles in your main fabric.

Right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, stitch around the
two long edges and one short edge taking a 1.5cm seam (the remaining
unstitched short edge will be the back of the cover).

Trim corners and press open seam allowance. Turn under 1.5cm then 3cm
along the remaining raw edges and press to form a hem. Slip stitch in
place (see illustration).


hand made seat pad cover

(Image credit: TBC)

Illustration Michael A Hill

4) Cut a 43cm length of sew-on hook and loop fastener.
Tack the loop fastening in place along the right side of one hemmed
edge 5mm from the edge, and then tack the hook fastening to the wrong
side of the opposite hemmed edge (see illustration). Machine stitch both
in place all round and remove tacking.

5) Turn the cover
through, press and slip in place over the seat pad. Tuck the loop
fastener under and bring the hook fastener over the top to secure. If
your seat pad has ties along the back edge or at the back corners, just
pull the ties through the opening of the cover and secure the fastener
over the ties.