How to make a macrame plant hanger – to add greenery to your home

By the end of this 'how to' you will have made one of these lovely plant hangers!

The 70s knot is hot once more, with macramé plant hangers all over Instagram.

Learn how to make your own simple DIY macrame plant hanger. This simple project is a fun way to add more greenery and life to your space.

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How to make a macrame plant hanger

macrame plant hanger with spider plant in pot hanging from wall

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

To get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 4 x 2m cords
  • 2 x 50cm cord
  • 1 x wooden ring

1. Create the wrapped knot

Fold the 4 x 2m length cords evenly in half and thread the wooden ring to the centre point.

hand holding purple cord in wooden ring

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Take a 50cm piece of cord and make a loop at one end. Hold the loop against the longer lengths, close to the ring and with the loop facing down.

hand holding purple cord in wooden ring

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Wind the longer end of the looped cord around the bunch, starting at the top and working down.

hand holding purple cord in wooden ring

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

2. Make the basket

Hang your hanger back on the rail.

purple cord hanging on s shaped hanger with wooden ring

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Take 2 cords, adjacent to one another and tie a knot approximately halfway down from the wrapped knot.

purple colour cord with knot wrapped

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Repeat this with each pair of adjacent cords lengths.

wooden scale with three purple cords

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Now make another row of knots approximately 12cm away from the first set of knots. This time tie the alternate pairs of cord.

hand holding purple cord with knots tied

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

You’ll see the basket starting to take shape!

3. Finish it off!

Repeat the wrapped knot 12cm below the bottom row of knots using the remaining 50cm piece of cord.

hand holding purple colour cord with wrapped knots

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Now, try out a plant and pot in the basket, making sure the plant and pot sit straight and all your knots are even.

hand cutting purple cord with wrapped knots

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

Trim the hanging cord at the bottom and any excess cord on the wrapped knots.

hand holding hanger with wooden ring tied to macrame plant hanger

(Image credit: – @by_me_katie)

You have made yourself a lovely new plant hanger!

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Will you be making a macrame plant hanger for your home?

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