How to make a terrarium

Simple decorations added to a succulent terrarium is the perfect way to dress your home

Looking for an easy craft idea? We’ve teamed up with Dobbies to create easy-to-make succulent terrarium.

What you will need:

  • A hanging terrarium
  • An assortment of mini succulents
  • A hand trowel
  • Gravel
  • Gardening gloves
  • Compost suitable for cacti and succulents
  • Seasonal decorations of your choice
  • Moss
  • A small watering can


1. Prepare the base

succulent terrarium

Place a layer of small gravel in the base of your terrarium. This will allow excess water to drain away for future watering.

succulent terrarium

Push the gravel up at the back to create some height and form a sloping hill.

2. Add specialist soil

succulent terrarium

On top of the sloping gravel base add roughly an inch of specialist cactus compost – this is fast draining soil that doesn’t retain moisture.

3. Water the soil

succulent terrarium

Before you can plant, the soil needs to be moist. Using a small watering can lightly water the soil. Be cautious not to go OTT, too much water causes the roots of the succulents to rot.

4. Plant succulents

succulent terrarium

Now it’s time to plant your succulents. Choose taller plants for the back to add height. Work forwards planting the remaining succulents in height ascending order. Space them evenly; not too overcrowded. Make sure the roots are completely covered in soil, adding a little extra to stabilise the plants if needed.

5. Add pebbles and moss

succulent terrarium

Gently brush off the excess soil from the leaves. Next top-dress the terrarium with moss and pebbles to add a decorative finishing touch.

6. Decorate

succulent terrarium

Dress your finish succulent terrarium with simple Easter decorations to make it seasonal. Coloured eggs, felt checks and daffodils are all great choices for an instantly recognisable Easter decorating theme.

7. Hang with pride

succulent terrarium

Choose the perfect spot to hang your succulent terrarium. Choose somewhere bright but not in direct sunlight to give it the best home.

Will you be making this terrarium?

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