Make the most of neutral colours, in association with Farrow & Ball

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  • Calm, sophisticated and elegant, a neutral colour scheme suits every home.

    Within the neutral palette, some hues work better with a contemporary décor while others are perfect for a country feel. To choose the right one for your home, look at the colour bias of each neutral shade.

    Neutrals with a grey note, which include Farrow & Ball’s Slipper Satin (colour card number 2004), Lime White (1), Off White (3) and Old White (4), create a cool urban atmosphere. For this reason, although the colours are very traditional, they lend themselves extremely well to contemporary looks.

    By contrast, neutrals with a yellow note, such as Farrow & Ball’s White Tie (2002), New White (59), Matchstick (2013) and String (8), add warmth to a room. They have a country feel that is easy to live in and are the perfect backdrop for a traditional décor.

    For a warm look with a contemporary edge, choose neutrals with a red note. Colours such as Pointing (2003), Dimity (2008), Joa’s White (226) and Archive (227), which are a recent addition to the Farrow & Ball’s colour card, achieve a sophisticated but soft, cosy feel.

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