Make your rented property feel like home

Put your own stamp on your space with our helpful hints for transforming your rented home

It can be difficult to really put your own personal stamp on a property if you don’t own it, but we’re here to show you that personalising your space goes far beyond paint and wallpaper…

Surround yourself with the things you love

This is key when it comes to making your house feel like your home. Think your vintage armchair doesn’t go with your modern flat? Who cares? That rug you love clashing with the curtains? Never mind! You’ll never feel at home without surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel comfortable and settled.

room with wooden flooring and book shelves on wall

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Embrace your bookcase

Gone are the days when your bookcase simply stored your books… There are so many fun varieties these days (we really love those leaning ladder ones that are so on trend this year) that there really is no excise for a boring bookcase. Create a real feature in your home by artfully displaying books, accessories and keepsakes.

room with bookcase with wooden flooring and clock

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Breathe life into your bathroom

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. If you can’t change the fixtures and fittings then focus on what you can alter. Choose a colour scheme (we love these pretty pastels) and accessorise to your heart’s content. Glass bottles, candles, vases, soaps… Just don’t let it get too cluttered – remember, sometimes less really is more.

bathroom with shelves and candle

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Choose fabulous furniture

If you can’t change the colours of the walls then add interest in a bedroom with your furniture. The idea for this bedside table is such a simple one but the effect is stunning. Consider the size of your rooms and choose appropriately sized pieces. Furniture that is too large for the space will make the room feel small and cluttered.

bedroom with white flooring and flower vase

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Create a photo wall

Now put that hammer and nails down, there are alternatives to making holes in your walls when it comes to creating a photo wall. If you haven’t heard of Command Strips, you need them in your life! They will affix pretty much anything to your wall and won’t leave any residue when the time comes to take them down. Genius.

white wall with photo and sofa

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Show off what you’ve got

If your kitchen is lacking in character but you’ve got a gorgeous collection of cookware, consider open shelving or a freestanding dresser. Display pretty crockery, cookware and dry goods in jars to inject some personality into the space.

kitchen with open shelve and crockery

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Feeling inspired? Which of these changes are you going to make?